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read Awakening Chrysalis #1 Awakening Chrysalis #1 review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Elene Sallinger  0 read River Rock Vermont 2011 This is the story of Claire Ryan and Evan Lang Thirty five year old Claire joins a local book club for romance readers in order to get over the breakdown of her 10 year relationship There she meets book shop owner Evan a dominant. If you re looking for a hardcore BDSM novel this is not the book for you If you re looking for cover to cover sex this is not the book for you If you re looking for a beautiful 20 something ing nue to be dominated by an eually beautiful enigmatic 20 something billionaire dominant this is not the book for you What this book does offer is an emotional tale of 2 people coming together after life has dealt them some tough blows These people are adults I know that s a turn off for some Claire I m guessing is late 30s early 40s Evan is 45Claire decides after a year of self imposed exile subseuent to a 14 year abusive relationship that she s going to join a romance novel book club The book store Bibliophile is owned by Evan They are instantly attracted to one another Claire has a long standing affair with romance novels but has refrained from delving into erotica or BDSM despite her curiosity until she is drawn to a book after her first book club meeting She becomes visibly aroused judging by Evan s reaction feels she has disgusted him However she continues to come to the book club meetings Evan surreptitiously guides her readingeducation in BDSM after overhearing a conversation between Claire her new friend Bridget wherein Claire reveals she s a closet masochist albeit unaware of her nature She simply believes she s damaged broken Over time Claire begins to blossom come out of her shell with the help of her newly acuired friends mending her relationship with her estranged brotherTime passes it becomes painfully obvious to Claire that Evan is genial outgoing with everyone but her Evan meanwhile is eually attracted to Claire hating himself for it as he is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife submissive of 10 years to ovarian cancer There is a misunderstanding on his part involving Claire s brother things come to head one night leading to an argument between them wherein Claire decides she s not coming back to the store thereby forcing Evan to manufacture a reason to get her to come back Evan offers to become her Dom with the caveat of no sex telling himself his goal is merely to introduce her safely to the lifestyle And so it beginsThe author has a knack for breathing life into these characters even the secondary characters are delightful She gifted in describing environments befitting their owners creating a sense of each location The writing is strong with intelligent vocabulary There are some typos misspellings but nothing egregious that distracts from the story What this story has in spades is realism every situation conversation is relatable The author seems to have a fairly extensive knowledge of BDSM not that I m an expert by any means at times it reads almost as a cautionary tale to the audience against rushing headlong into a situation which can cause irrevocable harm thought provoking given the current propensity towards all things Ds Claire s trepidation at embracing her submissive nature is deftly written as well as Evan s reluctance to enter into a relationship as he feels it would be a betrayal of his wife Both characters are well developed their evolution is believable Neither is weak or annoying they are intelligent strong willed flawed like all of usBest part it s one book No trilogy

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Awakening Chrysalis #1

read Awakening Chrysalis #1 Awakening Chrysalis #1 review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Elene Sallinger  0 read And he wants her badly but refuses to let himself go As Claire falls deeper in love with Evan she realises that he is holding back and decides to end their relationship forcing Evan to confront his own past and his feelings in order to save his new lov. This book was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI spent a lot of time on the fence with this bookTo be honest I didn t find Evan to be a very likable male lead I m still not uite sure what it was that drew Claire to him I did like that he recognized what it was Claire was looking for before she realized it and the roundabout way he helped her to discover what that was His feelings for his late wife were incredibly raw and I don t feel like he had enough time to come to terms with them before realizing he was in love with ClaireI was left a little confused as to why Claire felt the need to banish herself from the public for so long However I have to give the author props I think her past relationship issues were uniue and interesting That s something I really would have liked to have read about We were given hints at how bad her relationship with her parents was but again I d like to have seen of that I think it could have added depth to her characterSome of the love scenes were hot but view spoilerwhen I m reading an erotic romance novel I don t want my hero losing his erection time and again I know it was supposed to be part of a bigger picture but it just didn t work for me hide spoiler

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read Awakening Chrysalis #1 Awakening Chrysalis #1 review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Elene Sallinger  0 read Man who has never recovered from the sudden death of his submissive wifeAs their relationship develops and they embark on the path of Claire's submission it becomes harder and harder for Evan to keep his emotional distance Claire is open and responsive. Refreshing Look at BDSMThis is not your typical BDSM story There s no dominating sinfully sexy alpha male billionaire who stumbles upon a 20 something woman and all of a sudden needs to make her his sub It s not filled with page after page sex There are no dungeons clubs or hardcore scenes But there IS an emotional story that delves in to the other side of a BDSM relationship the emotional and psychological side BDSM is not all about the act It s about discovery passion emotion and most of all trust Not having fully recovered from the ending of separate long term relationships Claire and Evan merely go through the motions of life without really living it Claire decides that it s time for her to stop hiding and joins a book club at a local bookstore Bibliophile Bibliophile is owned by Evan From the first time Claire steps foot in his bookstore Evan s world is turned upside down He is instantly attracted to her he sees a beautiful and fragile woman whom he feels the need to protect Not since the death of his wife and sub three years ago has Evan practiced BDSM or even felt the desire to that is until Claire walked through his front door But Evan vowed that he would never enter into another relationship Not wanting to break that promise Evan tries to steer clear of Claire which becomes increasing difficult when she spends and time in his store The bookstore becomes a sanctuary for Claire While exploring the store after club meetings Claire finds she s interested in BDSM novels Embarrassed to have Evan see her purchase a BDSM book Claire decides that she ll just read them while she s in the store and replace them before she leaves Still drawn to her Evan constantly watches Claire from behind the stacks and notices her interest Knowing this only causes Evan s attraction to grow but still he continues to distance himself One night after a club meeting Evan over hears a conversation between Claire another book club member While discussing her past relationship Claire admits that she had a need to cause vicious verbal fights with her boyfriend and push him to the point where he would hit her As he listens the discussion moves toward Claire s interest in exploring BDSM Between the books and her admission Evan sees that Claire has a need for impact play Knowing that being introduced to the BDSM lifestyle properly is crucial Evan feels the need to be the one to help her Not wanting to get close to Claire and break his promise Evan begins leaving out specific books for her to find After a misunderstanding Evan finally offers to teach Claire and introduce her to the lifestyle This is where the story really begins Together Claire and Evan embark on a journey of healing and self discovery Evan brings Claire into his world of BDSM but can Evan learn to live again and break the strong hold his past has on him What I loved most about this book is the focus on the emotional and psychological side of a BDSM relationship The majority of the book is dedicated to Claire and Evan building their relationship getting to know one another and most of all learning to trust Don t get me wrong there were hot and steamy scenes but the scenes become even hotter when the emotional element is intertwined This is a refreshing look into BDSM I m willing and would rather be scared with you than without you