The Continuous Conversion (Read)

  • Hardcover
  • 232
  • The Continuous Conversion
  • Brad Wilcox
  • en
  • 11 February 2018
  • 9781609073275

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Brad Wilcox Û 4 Free download Read & Download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Brad Wilcox The Continuous Conversion Free download ¸ 104 Getting out of the temple endowment or dealing with callings or juggling the many aspects of our lives and feeling like we are dropping too many balls I wanted to provide a shot in the armI started writing The Continuous Atonement when I was serving as the bishop of a young single adult ward I realized that there was an aspect of the Atonement they didn't get They knew about how the Atonement could cleanse and console us but they didn't grasp how it can transform us and how Christ offers us His enabling power however long that transformation process takes even continuously This book picks up that same theme and answers the uestion How How do I apply the Atonement and feel it's transforming power on a continuous basis True conversion is not a onetime event but a process that takes time Most people accept that in theory but we still beat ourselves up when we fall short My message is Be patient You are doing better than you realize Hang in there We are not paying our way into heaven We're practicing for it Brad Wi. Wow This book is amazing I honestly thought this book would have a lot of the same ideas that were in Brad Wilcox s famous talk His Grace is Sufficient which is also amazing but it definitely stands alone It has so many wonderful insights and doctrine It took me about double the amount of time it would normally take to read this length of book because I was marking my scriptures writing down uotes and having great discussions with my husband Overall Brother Wilcox coveys that conversion is a process we will be going through our entire lives but we do not have to do it alone Christ is not our goal He is the One that helps us get to our eternal goal

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Brad Wilcox Û 4 Free download Read & Download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Brad Wilcox The Continuous Conversion Free download ¸ 104 I wrote this book because I know too many people who are giving up One discouraged friend said I can't do this Mormon thing I've tried and the expectations are just way too high I know returned missionaries who spent their entire missions teaching about the Atonement but now they have made some mistakes and feel like the Atonement won't work for them I know people who have gone to the temple to be sealed and then never returned I know others who are feeling burned out in their callings Too many Latter day Saints feel like they will never measure up I wanted to write something that will provide hope and motivation next time we or those we love are tempted to toss in the towel I wanted to write something that would remind people why we do what we do and that it's worth it not because of all we are earning but because of all we are learning Instead of just going through the motions I wanted people to read this book and once again feel the emotions of discipleship That's what they are missing Whether the challenge is. I have difficulty understanding symbols and their meanings and I appreciated Brad Wilcox s sensitive and sacred explanations A lot of what he teaches are things that I have come to learn as I have aged namely how Heavenly Father wants us to succeed and isn t ready to beat us down when we fail but to help put us upright again and encourage us to continue along the covenant path

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Brad Wilcox Û 4 Free download Read & Download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Brad Wilcox The Continuous Conversion Free download ¸ 104 LcoxI can't do this Mormon thing a friend told Brad Wilcox I've tried and the expectations are just way too high And she's not alone in her thinking Many people as they feel themselves falling short of perfection are tempted to uit tryingBut are there only two options Think of it this way When a person is learning to play the piano are the only two options performing at Carnegie Hall or uitting Similarly in mortality are the only two choices being perfect or giving upNo writes Brad Wilcox Growth and development take time Learning takes practice Discipleship is a journey and true conversion is a continuous processIn this hope filled book Brad shares his keen understanding and testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ as it relates to our own conversion Conversion occurs he says when we stop trying to earn heaven and start trying to learn it As we take each little step to show faith repent make and live covenants seek the Holy Ghost and endure to the end we are not paying our way into heaven We are practicing for. I can still hear Brad Wilcox s voice in my head It took me some time to complete this tho I wouldn t say that s the fault of the author I m glad I stuck with it As I read the last chapter last night the clown of God I double checked to make sure that wasn t a typo for crown It wasn t And it was a wonderful chapter to conclude with Brad believes that life is comparable to juggling as opposed to finding balance I thought this was an interesting comparison but I could totally relate Somedays one thing is a priority and the next another is and so on and so forth Day by day There s a lot of give and take but the crucial part is being in tune enough with the spirit to know what takes priority each day This is a current struggle which is probably why it resonated so well with me Great insight and great spiritual prompts in here I ll put it on my to buy list so I can re read and mark it up