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  • 02 May 2019
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REVIEW Í The Convert His buddies on the weekends A normal lifeDuring a pickup game one September morning he meets a pretty woman with eyes as green as the Gulf of Mexico and finds himself irresistibly drawn to her What he doesn't know is that someone wants her dead Very dead When a lunatic tries to kill her Dan'. Technically I d go 45 but worthy of rounding up Fred Anderson has produced yet another edge of your seat what s going to happen next thrilling tale of adventure and intrigue The Convert begins by setting us up with the history of young Dan and how he came to be in a wheelchair This introduction to Dan and his new life gives the reader wonderful incite as to the man we will be following along as the story progresses As the story moves into Dan s adult life and how he has adjusted we are introduced to a lovely lady Jenny who strikes his eye and they agree to meet for lunch However that lunch date will be a long ways off as an attempt on her life is made right in front of him and his actions not only save her life but change his life foreverFrom this point on The Convert becomes filled with action intrigue and the supernatural Yes supernatural forces are at hand after Dan saves Jenny and many uestions are raised as to how what happened happened and who is responsible for the giftcurse Anderson s readers will be introduced to a gaggle of interesting characters both good and evil and his dialogue has a very real world feel to itOverall The Convert is a fantastically fun supernatural tale with great characters and a lot of action to keep a readers interested and wanting to see what happens next and why

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REVIEW Í The Convert When the laws of reality are torn you do or dieAn accident two days before his sixteenth birthday put Dan Mackenzie in a wheelchair but he hasn't let that slow him down He's made a good life for himself in the Florida panhandle since then working as a computer geek and playing basketball with. I won a copy of The Convert by Fred Anderson through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest This fiction novel has something for everyone a little romance drama horror and humorI really enjoyed this novelThe story set in Mississippi advises us that it is important for Danny Mackenzie Danny Mac to start at the beginning so that the reader can understand why he has done the things he did and why he can t stop until they kill himDanny was 16 years old when he and his friends Trigger Kenny and Russ had gone swimming at the old south uarryThey were drunk and Danny was involved in a accident while jumping off the cliffwhich left him as a crippleWhen he woke up in the ICU section of the hospital in Jacksonhe discovered that the landing had broken his back at the 5th vertebraThe damage was extensive he was now a spinal cord injury victim a paraplegicLife would never be normal againIt took him 6 months in rehab until he was discharged from the hospitalHe considered suicideBefore the accident he had planned to join the army like his father but nowDanny eventually went to the University of Alabama where he chose computer science as his majorHe was the only one of his friends that went to collegeThey all choose other pathsAfter graduation Danny moved to Destin Florida working on the navigation systems for prototype aircraft at Elgin Air Force Base and played basketball on weekendsAt one of the games he met a woman Jenny Cooper that he was very attacted to they were friends for nowThen with a kiss and a sigh everything changedThis was a very moving story showing the trials and tribulations of living your life as a paraplegicThis was a very enjoyable read and with hope all things are possible

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REVIEW Í The Convert S effort to save her profoundly changes his life and he discovers that his notion of normal is nothing like he thought Now the two have become separated and he is fast learning that people are not at all what they seem There are powers at work he never dreamed existedAnd they want him dead to. I m not overly fond of novels written in the first person as they tend to lean toward introspective self indulgent dialogue I think this novel suffered because of it I found that by the second half of the book I d broken the code and scannedskipped over these sections to get to the action and dialogueThat is not to detract from an otherwise excellent thriller that somewhat reminded me of Dean Koontz The characters were vivid the settings were well described The grammar was excellent though written for a teen audience perhapsI was surprised in one way the novel looked like it was heading into holy roller territory and I became somewhat dismissive Then Fred turned that direction on its head and the explanations became satisfactory for my scientifically oriented sense of things I don t know if that will make some folks happy or generally pss off everyone It was a uniue twist and appreciatedThis is the second novel I ve read by Mr Anderson Both exhibited similar characteristics If you liked No Limit you ll probably enjoy this novel It is worth the price