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Read Canti AUTHOR Giacomo Leopardi 107 Ublic poems on history and politics; philosophical satires; his great dark despairing odes such as 'To Silvia'; and later masterworks such as 'The Setting of the Moon' written not long before Leopardi's death Infused with classical allusion and nostalgia yet disarmingly modern in their spare meditative style and their sense of alienation a. Odi et amo uare id faciam fortasse reuirisnescio sed fieri sentio et excrucior CatullusOrnate and often dreamlike experiencing Canti is like exploring the Hellenistic ruins Leopardi was so fond of splendorous in youth now turned barren by timeMasterfully tuned in both style and evocation you can see why Nietzsche called Leopardi one of the four finest prose stylists of the 19th century and indeed one of Italy s greatest poets Though known for his pessimism this wasn t due to personal disgraces Leopardi was considered deformed rejected by all the women he loved confined to a small town near Naples constantly ill from relentless study so they say and died at the age of 39 Yet he was incredibly sensitive and smart Two things combined that rarely work something we should keep in mind if we want to understand his reflections There were many literates of the time who moved objections to him repeating that he was just unlucky and hated life for that reason that he mired himself in anger In all actuality Leopardi loved life even too much and it was that love that made him hate it

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Read Canti AUTHOR Giacomo Leopardi 107 Nd scepticism the Canti influenced the following two centuries of Western lyric poetry and inspired thinkers and writers from Schopenhauer and Nietzsche to Beckett and LowellJonathan Galassi's direct new translation sensitively responds to the musicality of the Canti while his introduction discusses the paradoxes of Leopardi's life and wor. In this seemingly good English translation of Mr Townsend we get a rare look at Italian syntax which is unseen in English Take a look at the following poemTo The Spring Now that the sun the faded charmsOf heaven again restoresAnd gentle zephyr the sick air revivesAnd the dark shadows of the cloudsAre put to flightAnd birds their naked breasts confideUnto the wind and the soft lightWith new desire of love and with new hopeThe conscious beasts in the deep woodsAmid the melting frosts inspires May not to you poor human souls Weary and overborne with briefThe happy age return which miseryAnd truth s dark torch before its time consumed A personal favorite of mine is the poem which goes on about the outrages of the destruction of a volcano Having not been able to locate it I offer this metrical poem in its placeCalm After Storm The storm hath passed I hear the birds rejoice the henReturned into the road again Her cheerful notes repeats The sky sereneIs in the west upon the mountain seenThe country smiles bright runs the silver streamEach heart is cheered on every side revive The sounds the labors of the busy hiveThe workman gazes at the watery skyAs standing at the door he singsHis work in hand the little wife goes forthAnd in her pail the gathered rain drops brings The vendor of his wares from lane to laneBegins his daily cry again

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Read Canti AUTHOR Giacomo Leopardi 107 'So my mind sinks in this immensityand foundering is sweet in such a sea'Revisited and reorganized over his lifetime this extraordinary work was described by Leopardi as a 'reliuary' for his ideas feelings and deepest preoccupations It encompasses drastic shifts in tone and material and includes early personal elegies and idylls; radical p. Read in memory of a dear friendYou will be missed Human life was made of vanities glad fantasies and strange ideas we chased after them together what survives now that the green has been leached out of thingsThe certain lonely knowledgethat everything is vain but grief Fate is heartless and denies fair weather to human courage and a pure heart won t survive in a weak breast All is mystery except our pain Oh in youth when hope has a long road ahead and the way of memory is short how sweet it is remembering what happened though it was sad and though the pain endures Oh how often remembering that you are not alive and I won t see you in the world again I can t believe it What is this thing called death If only I could know it now myself and save my unprotected head from savage fate I m young and yet my youth is being spent and lost like old agewhich I am afraid of though it s distant But sweet youth isn t very different from age for me The two of us were born for suffering she said There was nothing happy in our lives and heaven took pleasure in our pain I strip myself of gentleness and kindness becoming someone who despises men thanks to the herd around me And all the while youth s beloved moment flies dear than fame and laurel dearer than the simple light of day and breath O single flower of my arid life I m losing youjoylessly for no good reason in this inhuman place beset by sufferingHopes hopes O bright illusions of my early years Whenever I talk I come around to you for though time passes and affections and ideas change I can t forget you Yes I understand glory and honor are phantoms joys and things mere wishes life produces nothing only senseless suffering Yet though my yearsare empty though my mortal life is barren and lightless I can see that fate s depriving me of little Yet sometimes I think back on you old hopes of mine and my sweet first imagining and then I look at my life so purposeless so painful and see that death is what remains for me of so much hope I feel my heart break and I m totally inconsolable about my fate And when at last this death I ve prayed for is upon me and the end of my misadventure will have come when earth will be an unfamiliar valley and the future flies from view I m sure I ll think of you again and my imagining will make me sigh again will make me bitter that I lived in vain and the sweet release of my last day will be alloyed with suffering Man is born by labor and birth itself means risking death The first thing that he feels is pain and torment and from the start mother and father seek to comfort him for being born As he grows they nurture him and constantly by word and deed seek to instill courage consoling him for being human Parents can do no loving thing for their children But why bring to light why educate someone we ll console for living later This I know and feel that from the eternal motions from my fragile being others may derive some good or gladness life for me is wrong Happy indeed if you re allowed respite from sorrow blessed when death cures you of all sorrow I see not just the hope but the desire for loved illusions is done for us Be still forever You have beaten long enough Nothing deserves your throbbing nor is earth worth sighing over Life is merely bitterness and boredom and the world is filth Now be calm Despair for the last time Death is the one thing fate gave our kind You chose that life should disappoint the hope of youth that the wave of years be full of pain with death our only shield from suffering and this inevitable end this changeless law you established for the human journey Alas after these streets of suffering why not at least prescribe a happy end Indeed why show us what we hold up to the soul as the certain future while we live the one comfort for our painswhy show the port arrayed in black and beset by such unhappy shadows frightening to behold than any stormHow O Nature does your heart let you sever friend from friend brother from brother child from parent loved one from lover and when one has died expect the other to live on How could you let so much pain be necessary to us in that mortal has to keep on loving mortal But Nature in her actions is concerned with something else besides our pain or joy Human nature if you re merely weak and worthless dust and shadow why aspire so high But if you re partly noble why are your best actions and intentions so easily by such unworthy causes both engendered and destroyed So youth fades out so it leaves mortal life behind The shadows and the shapes of glad illusions flee and distant hopes that prop our mortal nature up give way commit to present pleasures your brief life Alone eternal in the world all creation bent your way Death our naked being rests in you not happy no but safe from age old suffering Deep night in our troubled minds obscures the terrible idea the arid spirit lacks breath for hope and desire freed thus from strife and fear peaceably it spends the empty inexorable years We lived and like a terrifying ghost a nursing infant s fitful dreama vague memory of living flickers in the soul But memory s a far cry from fear What were we What was that bitter moment known as life To us today it seems a secret fearful thing the way that death seems alien to those who are alive As it fled death in life now our naked being shrinks from the vital flame not happy no but safe since fate bans happiness for mortals and the dead