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  • The Venus Belt
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  • 02 July 2020
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The Venus Belt Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook More than a 150000 women have been kidnapped without a trace or any ransom demand in the ‘normal’ world run by the Federalists and the bureaucracy But that is not the only problem because the freedom loving population in the ‘alternate’ reali Smith L Neil The Venus Belt North American Confederacy No 2 New York Del Rey Ballantine 1980In this direct seuel to The Probability Broach L Neil Smith once again creates a libertarian alternative universe in which the libertarian good guys do battle with the evil Hamiltonians who having been thwarted in their efforts to take over the earth have kidnapped 150000 women and moved into space for their own nefarious purposes The politics are pardon me just silly on both sides But for 1980 there are some intriguing techy ideas Take the conceit in the title we need the resources on an inhospitable planet like Venus so why not blow it up and create a new asteroid belt whose materials will be available I also like the smart suits that will keep you alive even if they have to eat some of your less necessary parts and eventually some of your necessary ones to get the chemicals they need to do it Heinlein is the literary model here and he should have sued Smith for universe infringement if there is such a thing

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The Venus Belt Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ds are blowing and threatening to destroy the Probability Broach as we know it Win Bear keeping one step ahead of lethal assassins and fighting incredible odds must solve multiple apparantly disparate cases that all seem to lead to the end of freedom Another seuel to The Probability Broach with protagonists Win Bear Lucy Libertarian fantasyscience fiction Parallel histories one of which evolved from different post 1776 events into utopian libertarian society Now people are disappearing from all over and Win Bear and Lucy are investigating possible Hamiltonian involvement Thought provoking entertaining

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The Venus Belt Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ty of the North American Confederacy are facing their own crisesPeople are disappearing across the Probability Broach including Win Bear's closest friend Featherstone Haugh who heads the Confederacy and even Win's wife and assistantIll and deadly win Second book set in the same future world after The Probability Broach I m not sure whether the author MEANT for me to laugh as much as I did but a lot of it is just plain silly It s also not all that interesting I only read it because someone traded it to me even if you re in the mood for a mindless SF book you can find better entertainment than this one I never went back read the first one not interested at all