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  • 19 December 2019
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Summary ✓ Deadly Undertaking ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rse and the flower car shocked her Lauren’s plan to return to her hometown to help care for her mother and keep the books for the funeral home suddenly turns upside down in a struggle to prove she and her family are not. An entertaining mystery Obviously the author has had experience in funeral homes That authenticity filters through the book Unfortunately she s also had experience with a close relative who had Alzheimer s I recognize what the character went through Lauren is a sympathetic character as is her dad Her brother and his friends are shown as weaklings Good characterization I liked the growing romance between Lauren and Gary the policeman she knew as a teen But the main plot was who killed Tony and why The setting of a small Michigan town appealed to me because I live in one too

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Summary ✓ Deadly Undertaking ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Guilty of murdering the man But will the real killer return for her her dad her brother Her mother’s secrets a killer a handsome policeman and a shadow man muddle up her intention to have a simple life Welcome home Laure. Lauren Staab may have an unusual job running the business office of her father s funeral home but she never expected to find a murder victim in the home s garage That was just the first of many twists and turns that this book takes you on and I enjoyed every minute of the ride With the murderer still on the loose Lauren must deal with not only that potential threat but also family complications and an unpredictable love lifeI love mysteries but had no idea that this book has a touch of the paranormal another genre I really enjoy This made the book even of a hit for me

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Summary ✓ Deadly Undertaking ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lauren Staab knew there would be dead bodies around when she returned home After all her family is in the funeral business Staab and Blood Funeral Home Still finding an extra body on the floor of the garage between the hea. In the small town Mayfield Michigan Lauren s father tells her to call the police and tell them there is a dead body in the garage at his funeral home Staub and Blood Lauren grew up the family business but her father never allowed her to enter the embalming room Her current job is assisting in the office helping grieving relatives and conducting services The police arrive and cordon off the garageWho is the murdered man When his fianc identifies him no one can imagine who would kill that funny kind man She is already grief stricken because her mother suffering from Alzheimer s is in a home but although Lauren doesn t have all the answers about the murder she is determined to find out whatever the costA harmless ghost called Henry who visits Lauren through a slice of time from another dimension is another problem she must deal withHer boyfriend Chip is self centred and inconsiderate so Lauren appreciates Gary a protective police man she knew at grade schoolWhen I began the novel I thought the unusual setting the funeral parlour would be morbid However Ms Rose shows how much the bereaved need moral support from Lauren and her fatherDeadly Undertaking is fast paced with realistic characters both good and bad At the end all the loose ends are skilfully tied up The novel has so much to offer murder a small community where most people support each other the paranormal the tragedy of dementia and its effect on the family and a love story I am confident that this novel won t disappoint you I look forward to reading the author s next book