Flateyjargáta (E–pub/Kindle) Ç Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson

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  • Flateyjargáta
  • Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9781611090970

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Flateyjargáta Read ´ 104 Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson á 4 Read Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson S symbology and secret societies to find the killerViktor Arnar Ingolfsson’s Glass Key–nominated Nordic mystery captures the era with visceral authenticity and the austere uiet of a world far off the beaten track Full of surprising humor complex clues and brooding intensity The Flatey Enigma is so captivating you won’t be able to put the book down until Kjartan has cracked the code. This is an old fashioned cozy In fact since it takes place in 1960 I thought it might be a reprint from a book published that yearI like meandering stories with out of the norm characters And since it s set in Flatey part of Iceland I enjoyed learning about the culture and relations between Icelanders and other like countriesA Danish professor studying the Flatey Enigma an unsolved modern enigma about the Flatey Runes is found dead on a tiny island by seal hunters Later a reporter is found in a Flatey cemetery mutilated in the famous Viking Blood Eagle where lungs are ripped out to look like wings The man sent to collect the first body is a novice The second body makes him sick Finally he becomes one of the suspects himselfThrough all the stilted dialogue and meandering progressions the stories about the Flatey Runes kept me enthralledAnd when I got to the end and found out the Runes were real Made my dayFor those who like action and thrillers this won t be for you For people who enjoy watching events unfold and wondering how each piece fits into the whole pictureYou ll probably like it

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Flateyjargáta Read ´ 104 Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson á 4 Read Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson Script known as the Book of FlateyBefore long another body is found on Flatey another tiny island off the western coast This time in the ancient Viking tradition the victim’s back has been mutilated with the so called blood eagle Kjartan the district magistrate’s representative sent to investigate the crime soon finds himself descending into the dark dangerous world of ancient legend. There really is a series of Icelandic sagas called The Flatey Book Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson has crafted an interesting mystery story about a couple of strange deaths around the Island of Flatey in Iceland s Westfjord country For once there is no super smooth investigator only several officials trying to put two and two togetherThe motivating factor is a series of enigmas penned by a saga scholar in the 19th century It seems that the victims were all connected in some way with these enigmas and their solution I have not been able to discover whether the Flatey Book actually has any enigmas related to it In the end this is a uirky tale with interesting characters who live on an isolated island which has seen better days

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Flateyjargáta Read ´ 104 Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson á 4 Read Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson Ketilsey Island 1960Near this deserted island off the western coast of Iceland the dawning of spring brings with it new life for the local wildlife But for the decaying body discovered by three seal hunters winter is a matter of permanence After it is found to be a Danish cryptographer missing for months the ensuing investigation uncovers a mysterious link between him and a medieval manu. Book reviewIceland with a population of 321857 is considered the most sparsely populated country in Europe and given that at most 1 or 2 murders annually are reported in the entire country it is not the first place readers might venture to discover new crime fiction authors And for most of the twentieth century publishers agreedFlatey Island The Flatey Enigma is one of the first books noticed by publishers as originating from Iceland at least those in translation some two years before Arnaldur s successful Jar City made it s way into crime fiction headlines It is a peculiar story reminiscent of Dan Brown s The Da Vinci Code but stripped of all sensationalism and the glamour Brown favors Imagine Brown s story where we chase down clues in old manuscripts while within the confines of an island and its simple inhabitants being thrown under an ice cold shower and presented with prose authored in typical Scandinavian bleakness and hyper realism and you ll come close to a description of Viktor s novelReader s are exposed to a deep and violent Norse history belying what in all other respects appears to be a peaceful Icelandic society Two murders on or near Flatey island take place within a few months astonishing given Iceland s negligible murder rate The first is a dead man found on a nearby uninhabited island The second some months later is a mutilated corpse prostrated across a grave on Flatey island executed in a viking s blood eagle manner a knife is thrust into the back of the victim the rib cage opened up and spread out in the manner of an eagle s wings and the lungs extractedThe BloodeaglePatient readers will enjoy this book than impatient readers addicted to the American variety of crime fiction which is sensationalized and who will undoubtably lower the rating due to the slow progress Personally I found the descriptions of life on Flatey fascinating it takes place in the 60s realistic portrayals of the islander s diet their small cottages dress their ethics and religious beliefs a mixture of traditional church infused with magic the fishing industry aimed at seal pups authority figures and magistrates the realistic characterization throughout and the total absence of technology one telephone on Flatey island Couple this with a somewhat demure investigation into the norse saga manuscript housed on the island the contents of which drive the entire novel through Viktor s typical method of flashing back and forth between Norse stories and present day investigative activities on the islandThe real Flatey Island libraryAll in all I m rating this 35 stars Primarily because I did not find the resolution to the mystery around the Flatey book to be as astounding as I was led to believe I am after all a mystery reader first but a note of caution here this might be my American habit of expecting a bit sensationalismAbout the authorViktor Arnar Ing lfssonIng lfsson author of The Flatey Enigma was born in the north of Iceland in 1955 A Civil Engineer by profession a trade he continues to practice today in the service of the Icelandic Road Administration he began writing after taking a script writing course run by the Icelandic Film Producers and the University of IcelandViktor Arnar Ing lfsson This is an Icelandic name The last name is a patronymic not a family name he is properly referred to by the given name Viktor has five novels two of which have been nominated for the Glass Key award which is awarded by the Crime Writers of ScandinaviaWhat few people know is that prior to his success with his 3 latest novels which can properly be described as belonging to the mystery genre Viktor wrote two novels and short stories which are best described as thrillers He wrote them some two decades before his recent popularity This is peculiar as Ing lfsson authored them in years where few authors attempted to introduce icelandic crime fiction let alone thrillers that dealt with global issues such as terrorism drugs and crime These novels and short stories are infused with a certain glamour and sensationalism better ascribed to British and American writers also highly unusual for a Scandinavian author Though these novels and stories are short and expose a young writer working at his craft while working as a civil engineer and even though no one noticed them in Iceland this type of story is considered to belong to women s fiction the seed was firmly plantedTwenty years laterIn 1986 a short story Slossm jer by Viktor appeared in a collection published after a short story competition run by the Reykjavik Art Festival It was a sort of thriller and was the only time that Viktor s name surfaced in the writing world He kept uiet for 16 years until 1998 when he became the surprising discovery with his book Engin Spor Since publishers weren t interested at the time publishers had zero faith in the marketablity of Icelandic crime fiction Ing lfsson published the book himself Even then no one in the publishing world was interested until it was the readers who elevated the book to the year s best mystery novel a title that continued for two years until Arnaldurs Jar City took the Scandinavian world by stormIt is with Engin Spor that Viktor dropped his previous sensationalization and placed his novels within Iceland adopting the famous northern bleakness found in much of Scandinavian crime writing And the rest is history