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Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3 Summary ✓ 8 Robin L. Rotham Ó 8 Read & Download RselfBut she’s already been betrayed by one alien her dead douchebag of a husband Can she trust her future and her children to anotherProduct Warnings Contains the usual Robin L Rotham smorgasbord of mmf menage and Ds elements plus a shipload of alien alphas in outer spa. I WANTED TO LOVE YOU I WANTED TO But I thought I was getting sexy romance with Shelley and two dudes and it was mostly two dudes playing will they wont they and Shelley making them hold hands and then watching while they ahem crossed the streamsSo that s my only warning with this one The heroine kinda takes a backseat to the two heroes I love it when the heroine is the center of EVERYONE s attention but I m selfish like thatStill a totally fun storyline and totally full of tons of sexiness I am SO on board for the next Bring it Robin Rotham

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Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3

Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3 Summary ✓ 8 Robin L. Rotham Ó 8 Read & Download Ough to put her hormones on red alert In fact the time she spends with the Garathani leader Cecine and his personal guard Hastion the she wants them Knowing what Cecine and Hastion are doing to each other when nobody’s looking only makes it harder to keep her hands to he. I know I m in the minority but I hated this installment The ending redeemed the book a bit but not enough The reason I really disliked this book was not for the reasons that many others stated I loved Cecine I thought him beautifully flawed and perfectly dominant I honestly hated Shelley and Hestion and thought they were selfish stupid and completely dense Almost 90% of this book was spent with Shelley and Hestion s love oh how can I not love him and Hestion Oh I love her she s so soft and sweet I honestly wanted to gag The truth is most of the early sexual encounters are between Hestion and Cecine with very little contact between Hestion and Shelley so this instant I love you was really just ridiculous to me Because other than their telling everyone they loved one another there was no reason for that love No true connection that was fleshed out The only character that was really given depth was Cecine I fell in love with him in the earlier books and was shocked that he was given these two ungrateful people as mates in this bookAnd every time Cecine even tried just a little to get close or explain or give an inch both Hestion and Shelley blew him off They totally took comfort in each other and left him out even though frankly I felt as if this was HIS story He was the the focal point not her or the ensign I wanted to hit both Shelley and Hestion over the head with something hard so many times I lost count Honestly I almost didn t finish the book it turned my stomach that much I HATED how they treated Cecine and I felt as if he deserved a much better couple than he got stuck with The backbone that Shelley shows at the end it came out of nowhere and should have been displayed earlier on Cecine made many gestures to her took her to see her family cured her parents diseases and still she doesn t give him an inch Yes he wasn t jumping all over her telling her he loved her and he d do anything for her but where the heck was that backbone of hers then the listen you dominant jerk you wouldn t do this if you didn t love me right She just walks away like a stupid meek mouse and goes running to Hestion and eually yucky character to me In my head they deserved one another And Cecine deserved a mate or mates that truly could love him and appreciate his dominant nature Those two were too into each other and themselves to ever be good enough for him Again my opinion But I feel cheated annoyed can t believe I spent 6 on this and won t be reading the next

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Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3 Summary ✓ 8 Robin L. Rotham Ó 8 Read & Download What’s better than one hot alien at your service Two hot aliens in your bed After four months of orbiting Earth in a spaceship bursting with sex starved aliens nurse Shelley Bonham will do just about anything to get off The ship that isNot that the aliens aren’t hot en. Alpha male aliens with a kinky sexual leaning is an irresistible siren call Full disclosure I did not read the first two books and now I desperately need to buy the first two and read them Shelley Bonham is not in a good position Wife of a traitor pregnant on an alien ship and ready to deliver her twins it couldn t get much worse And then it did Unbeknownst to Shelley delivering babies in Garathani territory means the children are considered Garathani citizens Since children without fathers default to the highest ranking Garathani male Cecine becomes their father and he can take the kids from Shelley The only way to make it work is if he becomes her mate Too bad Shelley is also terrified of CecineThe conflict in this story is based on lack of communication This is not a trope I enjoy Still the writing and the excellent sex pushed the story to a 4 star Ms Rotham creates an interesting world It s an easy one for those who read spacefaring sci fi books to understand Lately it seems alien males are constantly losing their females to bio genetic warfare Where do these males go to find compatible females Puny little human females are harvested and used as sexual playmates as well as breeding stockThis fantasy Ms Rotham creates is very popular and speaks to many women First alpha men who can protect their women are involved Both Cecine and Hastion can hold their own when it comes to fighting Second two male sexual organs is another attraction for women as of late Third there is a way to change a woman from being short and stock to sexy tall and lean Sign me up Where are these aliens But wait there is These aliens also happen to be on a sexual awakening which involves hawt mm sex and kinky undertones of Ds This potent combination can easily get a submissive woman s panty wet The BDSM in this story is tantalizing yet too little Ms Rotham stingily treats the reader to a few scenes here and there The focus is really the mm sexual aggressive scenes These do carry a hint of dominance but not enough to satisfy a BDSM reader Still it is very arousing and the sex scenes are smoking hawt When the relationship becomes a true triad of Mmf it s fantastic Ms Rothan excels in her erotic scenes The character building in this story is what really does it for me While Ms Rotham does switch from the different point of views it is still easy to follow and distinguish between Shelley Cecine and Hastion s thoughts Ms Rotham gives each of her character eual time when it comes to detailing their background Shelley s up bringing is the easiest and filled with love despite her asshole dead husband Hastion s life is a bit painful yet it is clear he still experienced love Cecine s past is a traumatic catastrophe It s amazing he s as well balanced as he is in the story He s the one I fell in love with He s strong stoic and uite dominant This kinky space opera is recommended to those who enjoy m nages with an extra male appendage involved provided by BDSM Book Reviews