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A Most Unconventional Match review ☆ 108 Julia Justiss ¶ 8 Free download Grateful for his helpHal finds Elizabeth even lovely than when they first met but knows that she will only ever see him as a kind and often taciturn friendElizabeth finds c. 4 stars for neat characters 2 stars for too much internal pondering and doubtI LIKEDI really enjoyed the characters Elizabeth did not care to be part of society the ton She did not want to have a season and she found someone to love and marry without going through the parties She did not care about clothes She was happy to wear prior year styles She loved to draw and paint Hal had a speech problem He spoke in phrases He was brilliant in business like a venture capitalist finding projects to invest in and oversee He was never interested in the many ladies his overbearing mother forced on him His mother insulted him and demeaned him He avoided her as much as possibleThe story begins with Elizabeth in mourning after her husband s death Hal comes to help manage her finances I liked the plot and I liked the events that happenedI DID NOT LIKESeveral times after they see each other they both have long internal ponderings and doubts She thinks he couldn t possibly like me He s only doing this for this reason He thinks she could never love me she is only grateful for whatever reason It was a downer reading these thoughts It was excessive to create extra conflict Let the story and personalities create conflict Don t spend all this time on inaccurate assumptions and doubts And then they would act cold or avoid the other because of these assumptions And it was worse after they had sex Each believing the other couldn t possibly ever love them Ick I wanted some happiness time together and can t wait to see you so we can have sex We don t get thatI did not like the motivation for the sex scene It didn t feel right for her to initiate it He was always respectful of her by controlling his desire I d rather see him lose some control Instead it was like ok if you really want this I ll do it tepidDATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 370 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 1 Setting 1813 and 1820 London England Copyright 2010 Genre regency romance

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A Most Unconventional Match

A Most Unconventional Match review ☆ 108 Julia Justiss ¶ 8 Free download Hal Waterman's calling on the newly widowed Elizabeth Lowery is the caring act of a gentleman And with her household in turmoil and a young son to support she is certainly. Loved this smexy regency romance but no sex till the end after the relationship grows and the chemistry simmersSigh I adore Hal Waterman a financial genius who stutters and mumbles with no town bronze but still a member of ton society with some highly placed good friends He s also a decent sportsman His superficial mother is overtly ashamed of him even though he is polite and good looking Appalling how she treats him Hal has loved Elizabeth Lowery for years even before her first marriage but he thought she could never look twice at him mummy dearest really did a job on him Now Elizabeth is a widow with an adorable son of about 5 years She needs help because someone is ripping her off and threatening her good name Hal comes uietly to her aide Both Hal and Elizabeth are shy she is an artist but their gradually developing bond brings out the protective and passionate in each of them By the end of the story Elizabeth is facing down dragons and Hal is standing up to loan sharks and other assorted creeps A special regency romance Just dreamy I heart Hal Part of a series but I haven t read the others and didn t really need to

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A Most Unconventional Match review ☆ 108 Julia Justiss ¶ 8 Free download Omfort and companionship in Hal's caring of her But then a tantalizing desire starts to simmer His reassuring strength and presence have become so very attractiveso allurin. This book captivated me from the start Hal Waterman is a man s man however he has a most disagreeable handicap he stutters Never before have I read a hero like this From the beginning of the book I was mesmerized and wrapped around Hal s finger I felt his desire for love and normalcy as well as his pain Widowed Elizabeth Lowery tenders sympathy as she tries to raise her young son without a father Though suitors offer for her hand in marriage Hal convinces her she can secure her future another way It is through this intricately woven relationship that Hal discovers love is often not determined by words but by deedsA Most Unconventinal Match has stayed with me for a long time I applaud Ms Justiss for creating Hal and Elizabeth and for making me feel completely satisfied