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Duluth AUTHOR Gore Vidal Read & Download  4 Atesman Vidal belongs to that group of writers of our time who precisely because they have always kept their eyes open to the disorders distortions of our age have chosen irony humor comedy in other words the whole range of literary instruments belonging to the universe of the laugh as their means of settling accounts Italo Calvino. the reveiw was probalby accurate 30 years ago not now

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Duluth AUTHOR Gore Vidal Read & Download  4 Cial pretenses law enforcement marriage open marriage racism literature tv science fiction and sex Dozens of plots perk along at an amazing paceraunchy dirty outrageous rife with cliches often very funny People One of the most brilliant most radical most subversive pieces of writing to emerge from America in recent years The New St. This is the most entertaining book that I have read for yearsWho will be the new mayor of DuluthWhat s inside the alien space ship that has landed in the cityWho is Big JohnAnd will Chloris Craig the author who cannot read or write ever discover who killed Betty GrableAnd whose baby is Darlene Eck carryingCan the Marchioness of Skye get the secret plans which she has stolen to Napoleon in MoscowThese and many other important uestions can only be answered by reading Gore Vidal s eccentric DuluthThe sub plots that criss cross and interweave often overlapping and merging are brilliantly original The characters who even when dead reappear in different guises are well portrayed and behave outrageouslyVidal s humour is vibrant radioactive penetrating and cuttingThis is a book that I cannot recommend highly enough

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Duluth AUTHOR Gore Vidal Read & Download  4 Perhaps Vidal's most outrageous novel this is an indescribable fantasy purportedly set in the city of Duluth which however is near the Mexican border involving a tv show also named Duluth a parody of Dallas a spaceship that has landed nearby the antics of a policewoman Darlene Ecks much else A wild spoof of absolutely everything so. First 10 pages wow So inventive and avant gardeNext 30 pages hm this isn t really all that funny and is kind of just as trashy as the stuff it s supposed to be spoofingRest of book WTF Gore Vidal We re supposed to think it s funny that a female cop systematically rapes immigrant Mexicans and ultra stereotyped black men chanting give me your okra and prunes And then the immigrants gang rape her as a revenge but she doesn t really mind because she s a good sport until they try to rip her up with a knife Then she screams and the male cop comes and rescues her but he s so turned on he makes her play dominatrix and handcuff him and almost have sex with him just seconds after the Mexican rapistattacker gang have escaped and she s you know bloodied and traumatised but she just flips her hair and plays along Ha ha right And meanwhile sadly the other story lines are just boring Overall nothing is funny or outrageous except all of the funny funny raping because the world this book takes place in has no rules so there are no transgressions Anything can happen for no real good reason The police chief moves a push pin and a nonsensical law of physics is inventedinvoked to explain why this in turn causes the space ship it represents to move And the framing conceit about characters moving between novels and media which could have been really cool is too sloppily applied to have any meaning It s like a high school free writing exercise or a drug fueled rant about 1970s culture that somehow morphs into Gore Vidal getting his rocks off to sick racistsexist fantasies because he can in a supposed satire He s supposed to spoofing trash but mainly he s just glorifying and enhancing it in a really haphazard non seuiter way I really hated it A lot And had to stop after about 100 pages because it was literally making me ill Which is too bad becuase the synopsis was so intriguing SIGH