Sieben Jahre in Tibet (Download)

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  • Sieben Jahre in Tibet
  • Heinrich Harrer
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  • 07 October 2020
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Read & download Sieben Jahre in Tibet Sieben Jahre in Tibet Download ✓ 102 O Tibet depois de fugirem de um campo de prisioneiros de guerra da índia em 1943 Nessa fuga ue durou uase dois anos pelo interior do Tibet os dois aventureiros atravessaram as montanhas geladas do Himalaia enfrentando a rejeição das autoridades tibetanas as baixas t. First off let me say that the writing of this book is nothing spectacular it s adeuate for this type of book and gets all the facts across without lots of embellishment However the content is an amazing travelogue of Heinrich Harrier s journey through Tibet and his eventual friendship with his Holiness the Dalai Lama uite a large portion of the seven years was spent actually travelling Harrer doesn t go into a lot of detail about all the climbing and trekking his friend Peter and himself did and it s easy to skip over that accomplishment It s easy to forget that Heinrich and Peter WALKED about a 1000 miles and crossed many passes over 18000 feet high all WITHOUT any euipment If you look at a map their trek started in North Western India and circumvented Nepal to get to Lhasa Life in Lhasa is well described and I was surprised at how well educated the upper echelons of society were In the time before the Chinese invasion Tibetan culture had remained little changed in 2000 years In a sad postscript written almost 50 years later Harrer describes how all that culture has been wiped away If you have seen the excellent movie by the same name then the book is certainly worth reading Harrer was a consultant for the film and was most pleased with the decision to have Brad Pitt play him Not for the fact that Mr Pitt was better looking than him but for the fact that thousands of people probably went to see the movie just to see Brad Pitt and in so doing learn t something of Tibet and became aware of that countries plight

Read & download Sieben Jahre in Tibet

Sieben Jahre in Tibet

Read & download Sieben Jahre in Tibet Sieben Jahre in Tibet Download ✓ 102 Henrich Harrer autor deste impressionante relato nasceu em 1912 na Áustria e é considerado um dos maiores aventureiros e alpinistas do século XX Sete anos no Tibet conta como ele e seu companheiro Peter Aufschnaiter chegaram até a cidade Proibida de Lhasa capital d. I read this book many decades ago It was interesting However I kept asking myself What did Heinrich Harrer live on until he reached Lhasa after about two years He had no money He had no provisions He had no weapons to shoot animals to eat And while traveling he definitely had no land to grow any food From what I remember there were also no tales that he asked for or was granted hospitality by the inhabitants of the areas he passed I don t think that anyone will be able to survive on the scarce vegetation to be found in high elevations So what did this man eat I really would have liked to learn

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Read & download Sieben Jahre in Tibet Sieben Jahre in Tibet Download ✓ 102 Emperaturas e todos os perigos imagináveis Aceitos finalmente depois de atingirem a Cidade Proibida Harrer acabou como tutor do jovem Dalai Lama ficando no Tibet até 1950 uando os chineses invadiram o país expulsando milhares de cidadãos e o grande líder Dalai Lam. Heinrich Harrer the author of this book was a mountaineer and an adventurer He was the first to climb the North Face of the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland He did this int the 1930s This book originally published in 1953 is an adventure classic that recounts Heinrich Harrer s 1943 escape from a British internment camp in India his daring trek across the Himalayas and his seven years in Tibet coming to an end with the Chinese invasion He became a dear friend of the fourteenth Dali Lama Definitely interesting but in that the narrations follows the time line of the events it was repetitive at points ie a particular theme was discussed many times One example of this is how white scarves are used in Tibet as a means of expressing respect and honor People were handing out scares right and leftI kept wondering what was done with all these scarves Finally near the end of the book it was mentioned that they were reused and handed out to others And this leads to my next complaint Listeners are left with uestions Terms are not clearly defined so you search for understanding to make sense of what you are told At one point my husband and I we were both listening to the audio book together did not agree on who had been killed Neurotic as I am to understand EXACTLY what has happened I rewound and listened again and again Finally I understood In fact I was right in the mini battle with my husband but the point is that what you hearread can easily be misinterpretedSo the book isn t perfect but don t let that determine whether to pick it up or not The reader follows an exciting adventure and there is a lot to learn here about old Tibet before the Chinese invasion in 1950One other point which I found intriguing is how there are so many rules to be followedbut there is always a way to get around them In the Buddhist philosophy no creature can be killed so of course meat cannot be eaten But but but but people do need some meat so it is uite handy if the people in neighboring Nepal can provide thisthen all is OK This bothered me tremendously Time and time again the Nepalese were handy to have to do that which the Buddhist faith did not allow to be done in TibetAnd it bothered me that in sport events where it was determined that the Dali Lama must win he of course always did win Is that real competition Never mind just my own thoughts troubling me It is amusing to picture a dike being built and a worm appearing on the shovel of dirt That worm had to be carefully placed aside so no harm came to it This all sounds so sweet but to function as a nation bribery and conniving were necessary I am very glad I read this book I learned a lot and it made me see into the reality of a Buddhist culture It is very hard to get a view into Lhasa the Forbidden City Poppy Pym and the Smugglers Secret Poppy Pym #3 very glad I read this book I learned a lot and it made me see into the reality of a Buddhist culture It is Retribution Knights of the Board Room #45 very hard to get a 13th Century Russian Princes view into Lhasa the Forbidden City