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  • 兄弟 Xiōng Dì
  • Yu Hua
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FREE READ Ï 兄弟 Xiōng Dì Ly characters as the self important Poet Zhao the craven dentist Yanker Yu the virginal town beauty turned madam Lin Hong and the simpering vendor Popsicle WangWith sly and biting humor combined with an insightful and compassionate eye for the lives of ordinary people Yu Hua shows how the madness of the Cultural Revolution has transformed into the eually rabid madness of extreme materialism Both tragic and absurd by turns Brothers is a monumental spectacle and a fascinating vision of an extraordinary place and tim. High comedy high tragedy Urban sprawl The preparation of a city for the National Virgin Beauty Competition otherwise known as the Hymen Olympics not dissimilar to the preparation of Beijing for the 2008 Olympics Scoundrel turned tycoon Baldy Li spectacle turned loving wife turned nymphomaniac turned madam Lin Hong and then the faithful terminally unlucky and often pathetic Song Gang The real romance in this novel is the stormy relationship between stepbrothers Baldy Li and Song Gang The center of the love triangle is not ultimately Lin Hong but Song Gang who is torn between the two for much of the storyThe deaths of Baldy Li s mother and Song Gang s father set the stage for the rest of the story On her deathbed Baldy Li s mother tells Song Gang that he must always take care of his younger brother and he promises that he will give the last grain of rice in his bowl to Baldy Li He only breaks this promise once when he marries Lin Hong whom Baldy Li has humiliated and stalked for years despite her lack of interestAlso of interest the theme of impotence The brazen Baldy Li undergoes a vasectomy after learning that his beloved Lin Hong whom he spent years humiliating after peeping her backside in a public bathroom has married the uiet sensitive Song Gang Song Gang himself is impotent never giving his wife a baby or as we later find out much sex at all His impotence is not just sexual but universal he is unable to assert himself in relationships and unable to provide for himself or his wifeMoreover Song Gang is a gender ambiguous character often than not landing in feminine territory We watch him assemble strands of flowers to sell in a basket to Liu Town women and even undergo breast augmentation surgery to help sell Wandering Zhao s Boobs cream For several chapters he walks around town with D cup breasts and has moderate success selling the product It is patently absurd We the readers are embarrassed for him not to mention irritated that he is so submissive to his wayward business partner Zhao that he would mutilate himself this wayThis story chalks much up to fate emphasizing several times If you are fated to have only fifteen ounces of rice in this life then even if you go away to seek your fortune you still won t end up a with full pound So perhaps Song Gang s tragic fate est crit dans les toiles as the French would say my choice of expression here will make sense when you read the last page of the book Or perhaps he is simply too passive too self sacrificing to mirror Baldy Li s rampant material successes

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FREE READ Ï 兄弟 Xiōng Dì Ing roller coaster of life in a newly capitalist world As comically mismatched teenagers Baldy Li a sex obsessed ne’er do well and Song Gang his bookish sensitive stepbrother vow that they will always be brothers a bond they will struggle to maintain over the years as they weather the ups and downs of rivalry in love and making and losing millions in the new China Their tribulations play out across a richly populated backdrop that is every bit as vibrant the rapidly changing village of Liu Town full of such live. I m a classic book reader i like to experiment a little on japanese chinese and korean authors so far I have read murakami but I like this book better I call this an idiotic book light and comical to the point that you would rather not sleep so you can finish the book The author is a two thumbs up for me

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FREE READ Ï 兄弟 Xiōng Dì A bestseller in China recently short listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize and a winner of France’s Prix Courrier International Brothers is an epic and wildly unhinged black comedy of modern Chinese society running amokHere is China as we’ve never seen it in a sweeping Rabelaisian panorama of forty years of rough and rumble Chinese history that has already scandalized millions of readers in the author’s homeland Yu Hua award winning author of To Live gives us a surreal tale of two brothers riding the dizzy. To begin with a poorly devised haiku review Yu s roller coaster Is careless with emotionsLike a bad girlfriendI m not really sure what to make of Brothers I liked it that much is certainThe story is expansive and the characters indelible The insight into the development of Chinese culture over the last four decades was enlightening The episodes related were heartfelt both funny and tragic And sometimes even both simultaneously I was involved for the book s entirety which was not insubstantialThe problem I guess is twofold 1 I can t tell if the writing was simplistic and somewhat stilted by design or by translation and 2 the extremism of Yu s emotional roller coaster reminds one of the formulaic approach of self important tear jerkers that mob the cineplex every Fall So far as the writing goes it was a curiosity than a bother If the style was due to translator inadeuacy then I suppose I should feel a little ripped off not getting anything close to the full expression of the author s intended work but if the style was the author s choice and the translators indeed faithfully transmitted Yu s text into the book I read then I find the choice fascinating If the text was truly intended to be as simplistic as it was then perhaps the semantic and grammatical choices fit the story Liu Town where the principal action occurs is certainly provincial and a place in which education is of the smallest of concerns It then makes a kind of sense that the narrative should echo the voice of the story s inhabitantsEmotionally Brothers may be one of the saddest funny books I ve ever read I laughed a lot mostly due to the ridiculousness of the town s many inhabitants and most especially because of the proclamations of the principal brother Baldy Li Still the story carries than its share of tragedies And these aren t just garden variety tragedies either Brothers can be brutal as it destroys lives without tact or conscience Perhaps this too is a reflection of the world in which our the brothers dwell an echo of the terror both loud and uiet that the last half century of China s history and culture have wrought in the lives of its citizens In any case I don t know if I ve ever felt mournful while reading a novel Which of course makes me suspect it Brothers develops alongside the lives of two step brothers or properly brothers from about 1960 onward These brothers weather the terrible years of the Cultural Revolution and the mortal fear Chairman Mao s movement instilled in the nation They struggle through the years following and look for opportunities in the capitalistic China that would grow out of the revolutionary era Their differing temperaments and philosophies of life offer breadth to the tale allowing readers to completely apprehend China and its culture Yu focuses much of his effort exploring the depths of human folly and the sewer stain of humanity s soul only occasionally revealing the purity of true love and camaraderie throughout And of course those moments shine all the brightly due their depraved surroundings I don t know exactly what Yu thinks of the human being but I suspect that he doesn t think much of it though he seems willing to be surprised by its moments of joy and beauty