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Read & Download Bend Sinister â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ng and compelling narrative about a civilized man caught in the tyranny of a police state It is first and foremost a compelling narrative about a civilized man and his child caught up in the tyranny of a police state  Professor Adam Krug the country's. The Nabokov I read the I feel that he wrote a set of three very good novels that make sense as novels Lolita Pale Fire and Ada and that everything outside that central trilogy consists of unformed less intelligible versions of the same material he used in the trilogy awaiting a context that would make sense of itIf you read the trilogy first then reading Nabokov is a very strange experience The trilogy flaunts its unreliable narrators and appears transparently to be about things like bad taste or the interaction between aesthetics and ethics or self absorption This allows many of Nabokov s typical uirks to be pinned on the narrators or the themes which makes sense of them in a normal literary context and allows one to imagine that Nabokov is behaving something like a ordinary author deliberately choosing his material for effect But in his other fiction the very same uirks simply float freely about with no justifying pretext and no illuminating contextBend Sinister is a particularly prickly example of this phenomenon Most of Nabokov s uirks are here The extraordinarily fussy selection of details which in the trilogy often seems to be intended ironically self absorbed narrators writing encomia to the curvature of their fiddles as Rome burns is given free rein in Bend Sinister without any apparent thematic weight To me it was often pretty annoying as was the way he compulsively as if scratching an itch disrupts the natural flow of novelistic narration not really for any purpose except a general sense that banality must be avoided at all costs There are sentences in here that are mature works of art and then there are sentences that feel like they ve just gotten crazy haircuts to shock their momsIn other words it s a very mixed bag And a bag where it s hard to see how the particular mixture we re getting has any artistic intent behind it There are emotionally resonant passages here right next to sneering and coldly distant ones there are spot on parodies of bureaucracy alongside episodes that make it seem like Nabokov s problem with totalitarianism is that it is the brainchild of men who were once weird scrawny little playground victims and not healthy virile bullies like our protagonistThere are passages of hazy metaphor clogged philosophizing about time and space and death just like in Speak Memory and Ada There are as in virtually everything by Nabokov screeds against the idea of social relevance in art that take the stage unexpectedly and without any apparent connection to the surrounding action There is did you really think there wouldn t be a seemingly pointless subplot involving sexual tension between the adult protagonist and an underage girl I don t know why Nabokov insisted on putting that kind of thing in so many of his stories but the I read the less comfortable I am with theories that it all somehow makes sense in context that the creepiness can be beaten back into the darkness with the sword of interpretation None of these weird fixations make sense in every context N puts them in He just puts them wherever he feels like Sometimes it works for a non Nabokovian value of the word works and sometimes it doesn t His worst moments feel like parodies of his best moments the level of uality is inverted yet the subject matter remains the sameI can t resist one example Coming home on the subway while drunk I pulled out Bend Sinister and after a few rocky but essentially manageable paragraphs was confronted with the following sentenceThey separated and he caught a glimpse of her pale dark eyed not very pretty face with its glistening lips as she slipped under his door holding arm and after one backward glance from the first landing ran upstairs trailing her wrap with all its constellation Cepheus and Cassiopeia in their eternal bliss and the dazzling tear of Capella and Polaris the snowflake on the grizzly fur of the Cub and the swooning galaxies those mirrors of infinite space ui m effrayent Blaise as they did you and where Olga is not but where mythology stretches strong circus nets lest thought in its ill fitting tights should break its old neck instead of rebouncing with a hep and a hop hopping down again into this urine soaked dust to take that short run with the half pirouette in the middle and display the extreme simplicity of heaven in the acrobat s amphiphorical gesture the candidly open hands that start a brief shower of applause while he walks backwards and then reverting to virile manners catches the little blue handkerchief which his muscular flying mate after her own exertions takes from her heaving hot bosom heaving than her smile suggests and tosses to him so that he may wipe the palms of his aching weakening handsThis must just seem this way because I m drunk I thought and closed the book But the next morning the sentence was still there just as baffling It s not just that it s long and tangled and difficult to make sense of there are writers who write that way all the time and at least with them you know what you re getting Nabokov on the other hand just throws something like this at you with no warning in the midst of much intelligible stuffOne often hears Nabokov described as some sort of master or virtuoso But to me reading books like this what stands out is an apparent lack of control You never know what you ll get in the next page or paragraph and ultimately the book has to be taken as a set of individual moments varying greatly in uality rather than a unified whole The uestion that remains is when Nabokov does come together as he does in the trilogy is that deliberate or is it just the blindly thrown dart hitting the bullseye a few times by sheer chanceThis has been a much negative review than I set out to write because ultimately this is a very enjoyable book full of beautiful and hilarious moments albeit also full of creepy or irritating or just plain ineffectual ones As a story it is striving for dreamlike horror and the diversity of its contents does feel in a funny way much like a dream and in the end I guess that makes the book work than it feels like it should

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Read & Download Bend Sinister â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Foremost philosopher offers the only hope of resistance to Paduk dictator and leader of the Party of the Average Man  In a folly of bureaucratic bungling and ineptitude the government attempts to co opt Krug's support in order to validate the new regim. On the face of it Bend Sinister is an unusual novel Nabokov a self proclaimed politically apathetic writer writes a novel about the rise of newly formed dictatorship in a fictitious country Yet despite this Bend Sinister is fundamentally not a political book or even a book about politics per se but is a book about love or in this case paternal love and just as the object of that paternal love dies and is removed from the novel so the narrator himself in a miracle of involution realises that the real tyrant is not the petty tyrant Paduk but the author of the novel which Adam is trapped in the unseen narrator who follows Adam wherever he goes who Adam constantly catches brief glimpses of in various parts of the novel such as on the bridge the author who famously referred to his characters as galley slaves and who controls all of the characters in the novel Adam s realisation of his own fictionality spirals into a descent into insanity and the end of the novelWhat are the other themes of the Bend Sinister aside from Adam s relationship and love for his son Namely the miracle of conciousness and of each individual persons contemplation and experience of life The novel is set just after the a coup d etat in which a political party The Party of the Average Man influenced by a philosophy called Ekwilism which disparages individuality and seeks to convert all of its citizens into parts of the all encompassing state However in seeking to deny us our individuality the state also denies to us all that makes us human and our appreciation of the world around us vanishes as it rests purely on each individuals observations of the world around themUnlike certain political novels about totalitarian regimes Nabokov does not seek to make the state in his novel all powerful or even half competent The leader is a grotesue figure who was bullied by Adam at school and whose party leaders are leftovers of the freaks and grotesues of society The petty bureaucrats and party members who were encounter in the novel are constantly seen as being incompetent consistently bumbling or engaging in bawdy jokes or mindless fawning indeed so idiotic is the state that it fails to realise that the key to gaining Adam s cooperation is not via capturing his friends but by capturing his son the sole thing Adam loves in the world though paradoxically the states inability to process emotions such as love mean it is unable to grasp this until Adam informs a secret agent of it The novel is full of dark humour there is a scene when secret agents of the state are attempting to capture a friend of Adam s and decide to send two organ grinders incognito to spy on them unaware of the ridiculousness of having two such conspicuous individual in a covert mission or the nanny sent to spy on Adam and his son who makes it so obvious that she is a secret agent that is borders to the point of parody Indeed parody is a key element of the novel as Nabokov himself stated parody is a game satire a lesson the state itself is a parody of the many Soviet esue autocracies that were springing about the world and also a parody of any autocracy of any sort and the ridiculous nature of the dialogue between the state officials including several ribaldrous conversations between lustful which also functions as an anagram of slutful an apt description of certain characters point to the black humour which dominates the novel a black humour which is soon undermined by the tragic death of Adam s son who is tortured the death due to a bureaucratic mix up It is only then that we see that the incompetent members of the state whose action perpetually descend into farce are also people who wield power and the cruelty and tyranny behind their power

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Read & Download Bend Sinister â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The first novel Nabokov wrote while living in America and the most overtly political novel he ever wrote Bend Sinister is a modern classic  While it is filled with veiled puns and characteristically delightful wordplay it is first and foremost a haunti. Beautiful then grueling The first half is stellar the second half simultaneously disturbingly fascinating and immensely frustrating Jogging the last lap of the book feels like running with a ferocious wind beating against you largely due to the otherwise elegant prose getting a but clunky Despite what is unarguably a beautiful stretch of text I found myself wanting to slug it down like ice cold water at 4 am after a bender I felt immense guilt in doing so as I know from various uotes and the preface to this novel that Nabokov was uite the priss about paying attention to every last detail of anything worth reading of slowly and meditatively taking the words in as if every last one of them was a rare pricey truffle Unfortunately he made the entrance to his world so coated in thorny vines that only the most patient of individuals could truly give it the attention it demands in order to sufficiently work through it To clarify a potential offense I initially said that the prose gets clunky but by that I did not mean poorly written Rather I mean so self aware so thickly descriptive that it seems less concerned with conveying a story than with just looking purdy It s sort of like a show poodle you don t own that sort of dog and groom it that way because it s going to take care of your mouse problem Terrible analogy and I apologize to you and your memory Mr Nabokov but you haven t left me with a lot of outs here In short it feels like I experienced didn t experience this novel However the first chapter in particular is one of the gorgeous parallels I have seen drawn between the circle of human life and the cycle of nature to cityscape to urban decay of the birth of romance the flowering of a family of death and of the pain of inevitable loss such devotion begs of the devotee and of the tiny shoots of life that rise from and are fertilized by the ashes There are dozens of other instances of such fantastic stretches of text sprinkled throughout making it an absolutely worthwhile albeit ultimately somewhat disappointing novel Reading it felt like I don t know attempting to court a cold and distant lover Trying to teach algebra to a 6 year old I am having trouble getting my point across here so my apologies if this review just reads like a ramble I m in review block mode but I m trying to shake it off Anyway it s a great book but it ain t no beach read That s all I m sayingUpside this made me really want to re watch Brazil so I think I m going to try and do that today I m absolutely certain that you all wanted to know that