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  • Paperback
  • 335
  • Critical Injuries
  • Joan Barfoot
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9780704347526

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Download Critical Injuries 107 Ge to Lyle 17 year old Roddy is a faltering student and occasional shoplifter simply trying to ma. I did like this book but not as much as the reviews led me to believe I would I really didn t find it funny at all except once in a while with a smart ass comment by the main character Isla The alternating chapters by Isla and Roddy were interesting but I did not find the 17 year old Roddy s voice very authentic He was way too introspective for a goalless teen with serious impulse control problems

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Download Critical Injuries 107 After years of trauma and disappointment 49 year old Isla is finally content in her second marria. Parallel stories of two people a 17 year old boy and the 49 year old woman he inadvertently shot while committing a robbery He is condemned to jail while she is condemned to life in a wheelchair The story moves back and forth between them It s about loss loyalty coincidences conseuences and the possibility of redemption The woman s daughter she calls herself Starglow has a need to bring them together to make everything okay in her own cosmic wayIt s an interesting story in part because it doesn t even flirt with sentimentality

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Download Critical Injuries 107 Ke sense of his past Their worlds collide one hot August afternoon when a fake robbery goes wrong. I enjoyed reading this book i liked how the chapters were divided between the two main characters but I think that this will be one that I will uickly forget I was also disappointed that Roddys voice wasn t included at the end especially because I found his struggle to be the most interesting