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Negotiating Your Childs IEP Summary Å 104 D invite full participation Others are chaotic scattered and suppress parent participation Negotiating Your Child's IEP can help you overcome these barriers In ethical ways it can help you get your child the program he or she needs Although Negotiating Your Child's IEP can be of great help whenever you’re involved in developing an IEP its ideas steps and strategies will be particularly helpful if you think you'll face difficult situations like these Your child has complex needs that reuire greater understanding than the school’s IEP Team members appear to realize; You've found IEP meetings confusin.

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Negotiating Your Childs IEP Summary Å 104 G disorganized andor unproductive; You again expect the school’s IEP Team members to be controlling and authoritarian “We decide on the IEP’s goals because we're the experts not you We see your child in school and understand his educational needs” Negotiating Your Child's IEP can help you a increase your odds of developing a highly effective IEP that supports your child and his or her teachers b succeed at mediation or c attain a due process decision that offers your child a personalized education that meets his most important academic social emotional vocational physical and recreational needs.

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Negotiating Your Childs IEP Summary Å 104 Some Individualized Education Programs IEPs for children are far difficult labor intensive and emotionally draining to develop than others Some children need simple straightforward programs others complex ones Some school personnel on IEP Teams are highly cooperative interested and supportive; others are resistant dismissive and controlling Some Team members base recommendations on data and research others on whims resources and presumed authority “No We decided he’s not entitled to an extended school year We know him We don’t need data” Some IEP meetings are well organized precisely focused an.

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