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  • 20 July 2020
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Journey Of Fate Godling Chronicles #7 Summary Ò 104 Te will descend like a storm and soon he will learn that with adventure comes peril And when you are the son of a god that peril can shatter worlds Heaven is once again in turmoil and Gewey Stedding is. I appreciate this is part of series but given the fact I was drowning in exposition throughout I have to ask whyIt works perfectly as the beginning of its own series without any context from the books before it considering my aforesaid complaint of the book There is another complaint that I have which also makes me wonder why it was written in the first place and that is the whole time travel plot that was introduced at around 23 of the way through the book Not only that but the lateness of this also confused me if this was truly a new instalment in a long running franchise Surely every loyal reader would know this information already And if they did surely they wouldn t want to read it again Even I who picked up this book thinking it was a first of a series rather than the seventh found it too bogged down with explanation In my opinion I already understood everything the first time aroundThat being said I think the word building decision to only have Elves Gods and Humans was a good one That meant a lot time could be spent on how each operated I m aware of the servants of the Gods that show up later but these are said to come from either humans or elves originally so it wasn t a hard concept to overcomeThe time travel aspect was fun and interesting in a genre that usually doesn t have any so that was nice It s unfortunate it only came in when I had already started growing disinterested enough to start the skimming process Like I ve said I feel a bulk of this book s information though lovingly craft was very much redundant Otherwise this book was actually uite enjoyable in comparison to the other trope filled horrors I ve come across It s not without lines that I could have predicted verbatim but some predictability does not sour a brew entirely Would I recommend this book by itself Possibly if the hook of the story had come in earlier and it had been a single book and concluded as such Would I go and read the other books in the series A definite no To me it would be a vast waste of my time considering how long this book was as one of seven in the series so far

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Journey Of Fate Godling Chronicles #7 Summary Ò 104 It has been 18 years since the fall of the Reborn King and Jayden Stedding son of Gewey dreams of adventure Life as a farmer in Sharpstone offers very little excitement But like his father before him fa. Another winner from Brian D Anderson in The Godling Chronicles Series Dewey and Kaylia s children are now young adults with Jayden very much in the dark regarding his parents history and unaware of his own suppressed powers Due to dark forces and rising tensions between Elves and Humans it s now up to Jayden and his younger sisters Maybell and Penelope to use their powers to save their parents and the worldor possibly end the lives of every living creature A real page turner

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Journey Of Fate Godling Chronicles #7 Summary Ò 104 Missing And it falls to Jayden to find him But his journey will take him places even the gods fear to tread Carried to the edge of madness he must restore hope and prevent time itself from being upended. Interesting turn of story Am intrigued as to where this may end up going