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Labyrinths review Ù 9 T would threaten their marriageUsing letters family interviews and rich never before published archival material Catrine Clay illuminates the Jungs’ unorthodox marriage and explores how it shaped and was shaped by the scandalous new movement of psychoanalysis Most important Clay reveals how Carl Jung could never have achieved what he did without Emma supporting him through his private torments The Emma that emerges in the pages of Labyrinths is a strong brilliant woman who with her husband’s encouragement becomes a successful analyst in her own right. Interesting but dull I listened to the audio version and I often found my mind wondering while listening

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Labyrinths review Ù 9 Her father’s wealthy business colleagues Emma’s conventional and predictable life was upended when she met Carl Jung The son of a penniless pastor working as an assistant physician in an insane asylum Jung dazzled Emma with his intelligence confidence and good looks More important he offered her freedom from the confines of a traditional haute bourgeois life But Emma did not know that Jung’s charisma masked a dark interior fostered by a strange isolated childhood and the sexual abuse he’d suffered as a boy as well as a compulsive philandering tha. I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book from HarperCollins Born in 1882 Emma Rauschenbach was one of the richest heiresses in Switzerland 3 Clever and ambitious Emma always wanted to study the natural sciences at the University of Zurich but was discouraged because of her family s desire for her to follow the dictates of Swiss society that decreed that she must prepare for marriage However her mother did encourage Emma to marry Carl Jung the son of a poor pastor of the Swiss Protestant Reformed Church 3 Carl was just embarking on a career as a doctor for the insane which was regarded as the lowest rung in the medical profession It was an odd choice for a wealthy young woman but Emma was intrigued by her husband s profession and from very early in their marriage assisted him closely with his professional work More than a biography of Emma Jung this is truly a portrait of a marriage one that was complex and full of both hardships and love Carl seems to have been a difficult husband Clay describes him as having a split personality that Carl himself referred to as Personality No 1 and Personality No 2 the two differed in nearly every way sure and unsure optimistic and pessimistic introverted and extroverted sensitive and insensitive brilliant yet obtuse genial yet given to violent rages cold under warm dark under light always split and that split always hidden Secret 26 27 The vastly variable versions of her husband made their home life difficult throughout their over fifty years of marriage Emma too struggled primarily with the strictures placed on a wife and mother as their eventual five children together kept her largely at home while her husband was still free to pursue his intellectual pursuits Another major point of contention in the marriage was Carl s insistence on the need for their marriage to be polygamous or an open marriage in which he brazenly flaunted his infatuations often with patients and mistresses in front of his faithful wife Throughout all of their struggles the internationally renowned work in psychoanalysis made famous by Jung would likely not have happened without Emma s uiet presence in the background Without Emma keeping the steady rhythm of family life going he might have cracked 214 Emma was also a huge support to her husband professionally helping him keep up with patients correspondence and paperwork during his many travels In nearly every way theirs was a joint career 320 After fifty three years of marriage Emma died of cancer in 1955 survived by her husband five children and nineteen grandchildren Disappointingly after a biography that was intimately intertwined with the life of her husband the author failed to include any insight into Carl s remaining days after his wife s death This biography was an interesting inside look into the woman who is much lesser known to history but deserves just as much renown as her husband I found Emma s choice to defy social convention and marry a man with no social standing or personal wealth inspiring and an indication of her affection for Carl but also her deep interest in intellectual pursuits which she knew would be fueled by Carl By the many sources referenced in this book Emma appears to have been a thoughtful down to earth clever woman that fulfilled her familial expectations while also still managing to carve out some time for her own interests and academic pursuits

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Labyrinths review Ù 9  A sensational eye opening account of Emma Jung’s complex marriage to Carl Gustav Jung and the hitherto unknown role she played in the early years of the psychoanalytic movementClever and ambitious Emma Jung yearned to study the natural sciences at the University of Zurich But the strict rules of proper Swiss society at the beginning of the twentieth century dictated that a woman of Emma’s stature one of the richest heiresses in Switzerland travel to Paris to finish her education to prepare for marriage to a suitable manEngaged to the son of one of. Emma Rauschenbach Jung was one of the wealthiest women in Switzerland and Carl Jung was among the poorest men After her marriage at a young age Emma provided Carl with an elegant lifestyle and became his colleague She performed analysis wrote papers and was President of the Psychological Society which sounds like a resort where papers were presented and ideas shared in Zurich What could have been dynamic picture book marriage was marred by Carl s rages and infidelitiesThe author begins with a compelling scene where the Jung s visit the Freud s for a family dinner After this The narrative goes back to Emma s and Carl s childhoods and the timeline stays linear The interesting prose that describes the dinner with the Freud s does not recur You learn of Emma s family s decision that she not be educated her interest in the legend of the Holy Grail her wedding her early married life at the Burgholzli asylum how she and Carl designed and built their state of the art home flush toilets and electricity had 5 children enjoyed family life while coping with Carl s rages tolerated of Jung s female guests and how she became an analyst wrote papers gave lectures and traveled There is a good description of daily life in Switzerland during WWIThe author presents a lot of information but it seemed like a series of events than a portrait In the end I didn t feel that I knew either Emma or her labyrinth If you are interested in Emma andor Carl Jung you will want to read this book for its informational content