動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書 E–pub New

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  • 動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書
  • Hiroki Azuma
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  • 15 August 2020
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Read 動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書 Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ Hiroki Azuma Hiroki Azuma ½ 2 Read Otaku Azuma Center for the Study of World Civilizations Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan philosophically explores the Japanese subcul. Azuma s theoretical analysis of Japanese Otaku culture provides some useful insights into Japanese intellectual life applied post modernism and a phenomenon which like rap from the other side of the world has spread with globalisation The footnotes are as valuable as the textIt is perhaps a sign of that spread that my daughter English was able to point out uite uickly that two illustrations of images of girls from Urusei Yatsura and Sailor Moon had been transposed It seems that the kids are sharper than the academics on matters of actual contentUnfortunately like so many works about the post modern the book is marred by Theory Azuma has some important things to say about the end of the modernist project and of grand narratives but he over relies on Kojeve and he seems desperate to assert his own authorial presence over the dataKojeve and the Neo Hegelians represent a particular bug bear of mine their desperate attempt to impose authorial rights on history strikes me as the last fling of a redundant academy but eually awkward is Azuma s own instinct to over analyse and modelThe section on multiple personality as analogue for Otaku modes of thinking is mildly embarrassing though this is a rare lapse What Azuma fails to understand are the power relations implicit in the internet revolution insofar as it allows us choices about valueHe is excellent on identifying the role of desire rather than need in post modern internet culture but he under estimates the positive role of Japanese popular culture in opening up the space for personal psychotherapeutic solutions to living under conditions of excessive socialisationHe strikes me as still ambiguous in his attempt to remain objective about phenomena that are best understood subjectively What we have to ask is not why Otaku works in Japan but what it means insofar as it has been adapted again like rap amongst entire generations overseasHis analyses are sound and informative but he seems to find it difficult to see that Otaku thinking can co exist with a much grounded relationship with the real world than modernist ideologies have ever permitted their adherents to doThe point of the modernist ideologue is that he cannot but confuse imagination and reality we see it in the Great Religions in Marxism Leninism and in Neo Hegelianism Today we see the desperate attempts of politicians to save the Euro as their attempt to force reality into an imaginative strait jacket This confusion of imagination and reality is at the root of the great blood lettings of the recent past This derives from an obsession with unification as if the individual mind working within one Heraclitean system can be brought into alignment by force with a Heraclitean world working to different rulesModern history is the paradoxical attempt to will Cartesian realities be over ridden so that individuation is not a matter of personal discovery unto death in an unknowable monist materialist world the way of existentialism but a social practice built around Humanity The post modern revolution provided a theoretical framework for a very profound change in human relations but this revolution continues to use the praxis of modernity because intellectuals by their very nature belong to the old world even as they seek to understand the newPractical as opposed to theoretical post modernism can be characterised by an individual and immediate understanding that the world of socialisation and the worlds of individual imaginations based on immediate desires where Lacan does have insights are different but eual in worthA person is thrust into a world so much was elucidated by Heidegger which is constructed by others Alienation is the recognition that this social world since the material world is merely the satisfier or denier of needs does not accord with the inner desiring selfSocialisation for many and often sound reasons blocks desire and under modernism and earlier systems went so far as try to police desire by socialising the inner mind of persons Even today liberal ideologues do this as various forms of political correctness and the constant process of engineering consent The corporate system lives in the half world between systems simultaneously trying to manufacture desires and respond to desires that are not manufactured The market has moved on from the satisfactions of needs through the creation of desires and needs to the satisfaction of desires not of its own making The power has shifted to the person desiring and this confuses a whole class of intermediaries who made choices for othersThe market by recognising the value of desire and then the internet in enabling the desirer access to massive numbers of constantly adaptable and recursive objects of desire has allowed the young who will be old one day the ability to choose destinies and identities The modern liberal mind is suspicious of the market and increasingly of the internet except as a directed tool but it actively loathes the idea of persons floating between and around multiple identities and destinies instead of locking themselves into some socially definable categoryThink of the difference between the Generation of 68 s determination to class people as gays or blacks or jews and the floating identities of people who play with many sexualities cultural allegiances and spiritual paths in shifting tribes The discomfort of the former becomes clearerThe modern Liberal wants the liberation of a rational person who is eual and objectified within a total humanity The post modern acts as if he is already liberated as a person operating beyond reason eual in praxis and with no sense of being anything other than one of many thinking animalsLiberals understand that the post moderns are highly creative and radical in thought but deeply conservative about social relations and change in the real world The post moderns choose to accept reality as it is and construct complex and creative private lives in floating communities or tribesAzuma grasps much of this The book is worth reading for his descriptions of how one version of post modern culture operates perfectly harmlessly within a major new paradigm for productive relations which the moderns are now busy trying to put back in a box marked controlled zone Whether they will succeed or not is not known but it will be sad if elites re capture the high ground they have abandoned and try to impose grand narratives that turn the new humans closer to their animal desires and so stronger back into objects again and so weakerA surprisingly readable book for a translation of a text in post modern theory it is not uite the masterpiece that it could have been because the author allows himself to get lost in the intellectual struggles of his own country but it is well worth reading

Read 動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書

Read 動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書 Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ Hiroki Azuma Hiroki Azuma ½ 2 Read E and other products related to those forms of popular visual culture He argues that the otaku provide a new model of po Full descriptio. I mentioned to someone how I was reading this book about how Japanese pop culture fans like to remix what they re reading into parodies and spinoffsMy friend said to me Oh you mean like how the Tale of Genji was read in the Edo periodI wish I could remember which of my friends said this but they cut right through Azuma s BS for me Indeed a well researched book was just published on the Genji subject The Tale of Genji Translation Canonization and World LiteratureOtaku is a pretty interesting book for understanding and interpreting writers like Derrida and Koj ve but it is not the best book in that category and Azuma s ideas of what make otaku uniue are fairly dubious It s an entertaining read but take it with a heap of salt

Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ Hiroki Azuma

Read 動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書 Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ Hiroki Azuma Hiroki Azuma ½ 2 Read Ture of the otaku which typically involves males between 18 and 40 who consume produce and collect comic books manga animated films anim. Rhizome You re no longer my friend Database animal is now my friend