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Boundless as the Sky

Boundless as the Sky Summary ☆ 107 How a person thinks behaves and feels ultimately impacts not just their own lives but the society they live in If we desire to attain happiness we must understand that the journey begins with us and can reach out to touch millionsIn this anthology His Holiness the Dalai Lama with characteristi.

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Boundless as the Sky Summary ☆ 107 Es with usOnce we accept ownership of every aspect of our lives we can then begin to catalyse change in the lives of others and through that process change the world Through these speeches and dialogues His Holiness encourges each individual to embrace the path of happiness compassion and fait.

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Boundless as the Sky Summary ☆ 107 C wisdon humour and kindness directs us towards the path to a happy healthy peaceful life Talking about universal themes such as compassion peace non violence secularism and the pursuit of a healthy mind and body he reminds us that the responsibility to change our thoughts actions and lives li.

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