Death Doris (E–pub/E–book) ✓ Eddie J. Green

  • Kindle Edition
  • 94
  • Death Doris
  • Eddie J. Green
  • English
  • 24 August 2018
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Eddie J. Green ´ 1 SUMMARY

SUMMARY ê Death Doris CHARACTERS Death Doris Atures in New Terminal other players A Western LITRPG novella series releasing monthly Welcome to Escape Terminal It may be an escape but it's definitely not a paradi. Meh It was okay not going to rush out to purchase or continue By the looks of things on the author s sites he isn t in a rush to add any Typical serial fare


Death Doris

SUMMARY ê Death Doris CHARACTERS Death Doris A terminally ill teenager finds than a simple escape when he agrees to take part in a futuristic medical experiment involving virtual reality gaming Everett 'Death' H. The premise of Death and Doris is completely crazy but it works A bunch of terminally ill kids are placed in a virtual videogame to avoid the pain of real life treatments If they die in said virtual videogame they re pretty much going to die in real life While ridiculous it gives the characters plenty of motivation to do their absolute best to survive The characters themselves are a mixed bag but by the last page I was sympathetic to nearly all of them Everett Death was pretty bland and his over the top death isms were indeed deeply corny His attitude was fairly annoying considering he s a newbie to the game How can you be a level one Grim Reaper really Everett did at least have a decent heroic streak and I thought his f it attitude was cool at times Doris brought some levity to Death s dour demeanor and brought a level of humanity to the story with her caregiver antics but I enjoyed many of the other characters much than the main duo Especially the realistic as


SUMMARY ê Death Doris CHARACTERS Death Doris All discovers a new life where he isn't trapped by his failing body Join Everett and friends as they level up battle vicious foes and deal with the most dangerous cre. When the next episode coming outGreat story I really enjoyed it Death and Doris were a great team I would like in the next book for somebody to join the team not somebody like shade