KINDLE [Unidentified Poetic Object]

Unidentified Poetic Object

Free download ↠ Unidentified Poetic Object Brian Henderson × 9 Review Poems that highlight an excess an emptiness and a wilderness on the other side of useIn Unidentified Poetic Object his twelfth collection of poetry Brian Henderson strikes from language an alphabet of lightning an animacy and urgency in which every object is potent with actions past and present; every action is alive with the potential of what it might move in the world And since every object is than we know in our eagerness to turn it to human use Henderson wants us to dive into that unknown spaceThe world is composed of astonishing things but we are obse.

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Free download ↠ Unidentified Poetic Object Brian Henderson × 9 Review Ssed by their use their categorization their systemization their exploitation a way of being in which every thing every body even the future can be made available as raw resource The words in these poems are perturbations or seductions rather than representational resources are euivocal rather than instrumental; they seek to disrupt the order of the discursive to trouble the elaborate plans humans have for managing and controlling the earth we abuse Here words open to produce surprising ephemeral hybridities things without theory or history or a notion of.

Brian Henderson × 9 Review

Free download ↠ Unidentified Poetic Object Brian Henderson × 9 Review Progress They elide and interpenetrate shout and are silent and in those material interactions there emerges a resonant attention and a politic of tendernessPrismatic at times apocalyptic always sharp Brian Henderson's poems range through physics visual art philosophy history and of course poetry to probe the locales where worlds slip into other worlds these rich riffs evoke deconstructed landscapes that expose the ruptures caused by settler colonialism Laced with wit and a voracious mind these poems are 'unsettling' in the best possible sense Jeanette Lyn.

  • Paperback
  • 88
  • Unidentified Poetic Object
  • Brian Henderson
  • en
  • 12 February 2019
  • 9781771315005

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    KINDLE [Unidentified Poetic Object] Always enjoyable being able to read a person's perceptionn on life through poetry

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