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    [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) In the 1920's the nation was in the midst of a panic over feeblemindedness People were being sent away in record numbers ins

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    Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Adam Cohen Adam Cohen ¿ 5 review [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) My great thanks goes out to Brenda who has agreed to jointly read and review this book in hopes that we might stir

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    [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) Recently I've come to the conclusionafter spending the last couple of years reading books about American history and politics that most of what I was taught in school seems to be propaganda a white washed sanitized and just general rewriting

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    Summary Imbeciles [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) Adam Cohen ¿ 5 review This book examines the eugenics movement in the United States and the Supreme Court's ruling in Bell v Buck which allowed for the sterilization of so called undesirables As the author notes this ruling has not been

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    Summary Imbeciles Adam Cohen ¿ 5 review Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Adam Cohen This book takes a long look at the American eugenics movement and the key players in it through the story of how Carrie Buck a young girl from Virginia became the first in that state to be sterilized for being feeble minded after losing a Su

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    Summary Imbeciles [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) Adam Cohen ¿ 5 review The nation must sterilize those who sap the strength of the State to prevent our being swamped with incompetence Oliver Wendall Holmes Professing to be wise they became fools Romans 122Imbecile is the story of the Supreme Court case of Buck vs Bell which allowed sterilization of the unfit or feebleminded in the name of the eugenics movement

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    [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) Since starting law school and even before that I have been obsessed with constitutional law and the Supreme Court I think it is fascinating to r

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    Summary Imbeciles Adam Cohen ¿ 5 review Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Adam Cohen A deeply unsettling and ominously relevant review of the American eugenics movement an all too often forgotten and ugly injustice which I have to confess I had little idea of the scope of before reading this book While th

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    [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) If you are unaware that the Supreme Court in 1927 upheld the constitutionality of sterilizing persons the government deemed unfit and the way this power was used to sterilize almost exclusively poor women and men often without their knowledge

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    Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Adam Cohen [PDF/EPUB] (Imbeciles) Amer

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Summary Imbeciles

Download ´ Imbeciles ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free One of America’s great miscarriages of justice the Supreme Court’s infamous 1927 Buck v Bell ruling made government sterilization of “undesirable” citizens the law of the land  New York Times bestselling author Adam Cohen tells the story in Imbeciles of one of the darkest moments in the American legal tradition the Supreme Court’s decision to champion eugenic sterilization for the greater good of the country In 1927 when the nation was caught up in eugenic fervor the justices allowed Virginia to sterilize Carrie Buck a perfectly normal young woman for. My great thanks goes out to Brenda who has agreed to jointly read and review this book in hopes that we might stir up some discussion on the matters addressed Her review can be found at Cohen uses this book as a much needed soap box to highlight a case that made its way to the US Supreme Court Buck v Bell and whose analysis was so jaded that it has found its way on a list of the Court s worst decisions of all time Not only were some of the greatest minds of time involved in the ruling Louis Brandeis Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr and William Taft but the Court stood behind Holmes written decision almost unanimously However Cohen chooses not only to focus on the Supreme Court ruling which explored the eugenic sterilisation movement in America as well as sanctioning the Virginia law as constitutional but the journey the law took from its inception in the legislature and selection of a young Carrie Buck to be the test subject Carrie Buck was a young woman eighteen by the time the case made its way to the US Supreme Court who was adopted as a child She attended school for a few years before she was pulled out to work as determined by her adoptive parents At the age of seventeen she fell pregnant and was committed to an institution for epileptics and the feebleminded seemingly because she possessed loose morals and was deemed a woman whose brain was oversexed At the time the early 1920s this was entirely appropriate and Carrie was forced to abide by the stringent rules set upon her by the State of Virginia Around this time as the eugenics movement in the United States was heating up Virginia sought to pass a law to bring about eugenic sterilisation which would not only ensure that the state s residents were of the highest calibre but also ensure those who were less than adeuate could not reproduce and sully the gene pool their views not mine While other states were having similar laws overturned by the courts as unconstitutional Virginia sought to test their legislative initiative all the way to the Supreme Court using Carrie Buck and her situation as the ideal set of facts From there it was a process stacked against Buck offering her no hope of personal victory Doctors who manipulated facts and forced her to undergo mental testing for which she was not adeuately prepared an assigned lawyer who sought to defend her by offering flimsy arguments that would not pass muster in any court of law as well as a set of legal and medical minds buoyed by a movement that tried to press for the purest of the race to continue leaving those of a lesser ability to be subjugated to the role of subservient By the time the case made its way to the nine justices of the US Supreme Court the legal circus was in full swing and Buck had no chance Once Justice Holmes got his hands on the right to pen a decision he chose not even to explore the validity of the arguments made and simply rubber stamped the law adding one of the most perverse comments ever attributed to a decision of the US Supreme Court three generations of imbeciles are enough Cohen dissects that inane comment throughout the book and shows how Buck was truly a whipping boy for the movement and stood no chance at having her rights upheld personal andor constitutionalWhile the story of Buck would be enough to pull on the heartstrings of any warm blooded reader Cohen goes further examining the backstories of the key actors as well as the eugenics movement in America The medical and legal communities filled their professional journals with articles on the subject coming out on either side which led to a mainstream propaganda attack which propped up the idea of eugenics in books pamphlets and even a Hollywood movie which sought to explore what letting a feebleminded baby grow up might yield a mentally deficient killer of course which I say tongue in cheek This eugenics movement was so well established that the likes of Dr Josef Mengele was surely salivating at the chance to implement it in Germany Cohen does mention that some of the early eugenic ideas of the Nazis are attributed directly to the American movement as lauded in German medical and propaganda materials in the early 1920s Deplorable perhaps but also poignant as the world tosses out how atrocious the Nazis were in their Megele ian experiments We need only look to the Land of the Free to see how enslaved segments of its population were at the time Worry not when sober thinking returned America scrapped its eugenics movement seeking to sweep it under the rug and point to Germany s atrocities as if the left hand s antics would never be remembered Cohen makes it much harder to reach for that first stone now though what is even astonishing is that this case this entire narrative is not better known America read anyone with a general knowledge of human and civil rights is not able to toss out Buck v Bell as a horrendous legal precedent as we do Dred Scott for reasons that baffle Cohen as this was a significant case with a fiery line penned by Justice Holmes Alas the annals of poorly supported decisions made by the US Supreme Court must have missed this their golden child example It is that shameful sleight of hand that is perhaps worst of allCohen does a masterful job at presenting this book It is than simply Carrie Buck and how she was forced into being sterilised thereby forcing her not to have any children after her first It is also than a simple analysis of the criteria surrounding feeblemindedness in America or the push for eugenics which would rid the country of the lesser folk from procreating It is even about than forced sterilisation which is a horrid subject in and of itself Cohen explores all the pieces of the movement its actors and detractors as well as using the Buck narrative to explore how America failed its citizenry and a US Supreme Court disregarded its fundamental law the Constitution to protect those who needed it the most With significant research Cohen hones in on many of those who played a role some of whom will surprise the attentive reader His narrative is crisp and propels the story forward as abysmal as the content might be It also pulls no punches in drawing significant connections between the American eugenics movement and the influence it played on Nazi Germany s decision to adopt similar ideals The blood is right there on the hands of the influential and the reader cannot deny its existence No matter how the reader feels about eugenics and reproductive rights the book opens eyes leaves mouths agape and paves the way for many intellectual or gut arguments I can only hope readers will engage in this both on public forums like GoodReads and in their own way This is not a topic to read about nod and move along It is a discussion to be had Are you willing to join inKudos Mr Cohen for this spectacular piece The title is so open ended I am left to wonder if you reference Holmes comment or the list of those who failed Buck throughout the ordealLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Adam CohenImbeciles

Download ´ Imbeciles ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ustice who wrote the decision urging the nation to embark on a program of mass eugenic sterilizationExposing this tremendous injustice which led to the sterilization of 70000 Americans Imbeciles overturns cherished myths and reappraises heroic figures in its relentless pursuit of the truth With the precision of a legal brief and the passion of a front page exposé Cohen’s Imbeciles is an unuestionable triumph of American legal and social history an ardent accusation against these acclaimed men and our own optimistic faith in progress From the Hardcover edition. Since starting law school and even before that I have been obsessed with constitutional law and the Supreme Court I think it is fascinating to read their rulings see how cases build upon each other and to read about individual justices and how their personalities can shape a SCOTUS era This last year I learned about Buck v Bell 1927 SCOTUS found constitutional a Virginia law that allowed imbeciles to be sterilized Why Well the story is interesting complex horrifying and was a role model for Nazi GermanyIn a nutshell eugenics was all the rage There was a faction of scientists I use that term loosely because they were not real empirical research scientists who believed that feeblemindedess was hereditary That unwed mothers were feebleminded that criminality was passed in genes and that we had to prevent these people from reproducing for the betterment of society What it boiled down to what that poor white people were discriminated against Black people were not included in this group as much mainly because other efforts were ongoing to oppress them That is another story for another daySo Virginia passed a law and created a test case to go to SCOTUS and they chose feebleminded Carrie Buck But what the author brings to light is that than just an injustice was done it was a collusion among rich privileged white men to blatantly make up facts and lie to the court in order to get their way It is atrocious It is a disgrace to the legal systemThe author tells the story of the major players Strode the lawyer for the state Dr Priddy the original defendant as the director of the colony for the feebleminded and epileptic Laughlin eugenics enthusiast Justice Holmes author of the majority opinion and Buck herselfI was intrigued by all of the players but particularly by Holmes He is often venerated in the legal world especially with his work on free speech But he got this decision wrong He is famously uoted as saying three generations of imbeciles is enoughMy biggest complaint of the book is that parts were very repetitive And not just rehashing the same information but the author seemed to have cut and pasted some sentences in multiple locations Also the conclusion did not flow at all and felt like he wrote it as a stand alone summary and then just threw it into the back of the bookOverall though this was a brilliant look into one of our country s darkest Supreme Court decisions A decision by the way which has never been overruled and is still good law

Adam Cohen ¿ 5 review

Download ´ Imbeciles ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Being an “imbecile”It is a story with many villains from the superintendent of the Dickensian Virginia Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded who chose Carrie for sterilization to the former Missouri agriculture professor and Nazi sympathizer who was the nation’s leading advocate for eugenic sterilization  But the most troubling actors of all were the eight Supreme Court justices who were in the majority – including William Howard Taft the former president; Louis Brandeis the legendary progressive; and Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr America’s most esteemed j. This book takes a long look at the American eugenics movement and the key players in it through the story of how Carrie Buck a young girl from Virginia became the first in that state to be sterilized for being feeble minded after losing a Supreme Court Battle The GoodI didn t know a lot about the eugenics movement I knew that it existed and people had been sterilized immigration laws changed etc I thought the book did a good job of capturing attitudes of the people involved The inclusion of what was then cutting edge genetics research was both horrifying and fascinating Horrifying and fascinating could probably describe most of the book actually I learned some things while also being continually disturbed over humanityMy ComplaintsThe organization of this book is a disaster I didn t notice it right away but after a while things start to repeat multiple times How many times did he mention that Carrie could not have a mental age of nine because she d reached the sixth grade I lost count There were lots of details that were mentioned over and over as the stories of the people being profiled in the book intersected The story of how the colony came to be on the site that it was on was in there at least twice for example for no apparent reason The fact that Carrie was not actually an imbecile but a moron was put out there maybe twice a chapter It really got on my nervesThe other thing I would ve liked of is what happened with eugenics after the decision The sort of immediate aftermath and statistics about sterilizations were interesting insofar as giving the scope of what happened as a result of the decision and knowing the terrible reality that many of the sterilized 1 weren t actually intellectually disabled and 2 had no idea what was being done to them Towards the end of the conclusion Cohen put something in there about Buck v Bell still standing as of 2001 but he never definitively said This ruling still stands today or This ruling doesn t stand today because x I feel like he missed an opportunity to nail his argument down I mean I looked it up and Buck v Bell has never been overturned so it seems like there was a gaping opportunity for Cohen to comment on that that and it just zoomed on byAll in all if you like me didn t know a lot about how the eugenics movement came to be a thing that the supreme court eventually ruled on and you have a decent tolerance for an author repeating things to you as if you have a short term memory problem this may be a fairly interesting read