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Summerblood review ó 103 The mines of the frozen north But as Eron attempts to heal from the bloody conflict and a devastating plague unrest once again grips this troubled land stirred up by a secret cabal of powerful priests who call themselves the Ninth FaceAvall struggles to uell the unrest and to understand and control the boundless magic of the mysterious gems At the same time his twin sister Merryn must make her own arduous journey a s.

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Summerblood review ó 103 In this stirring seuel to the epic dramas Bloodwinter and Springwar a new king must strive to heal a war torn land master a dangerous and world altering magic and defeat a secret and fanatical religious sect that will stop at nothing to gain total powerPeace has come to the realm of Eron and with it a new High King young inexperienced Avall victor in the war against Ixti sole possessor of the magical gems taken from.

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Summerblood review ó 103 Tep ahead of those who would gladly claim her life But it is the fanatical leaders of the Ninth Face who pose the greatest danger They have put in motion a deadly plan to drive Avall from the throne destroy the power of the noble clans and take possession of the gems themselves–all in the name of their unbending god For Eron the choice is stark indeed an imperfect and inexperienced kingor the tyranny of the righteo.

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