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Peter AUTHOR Kate Walker Read & Download Á 104 Rs” “And”“That’s it he just talked”Actually it hadn’t been a dream not totally It was one of those half awake ones where I knew what was going on so I let it run just to see what would happe. I wanted to like this book so much and I did really enjoy it but it just fell flat at a few places for me I get the fact that the book is of a story about growing up than it is about gay relationships but to make it such a major aspect of the novel and then just never have it come to a head was cruel Ever since the protagonist Peter is introduced to his brother Vince s best friend David who just so happens to be gay there is tension And a lot of itAnd nothing comes of it The book plays it too safe which I realize has a lot to do with the time period with which it was published but as a reader I wanted something anything Instead I got a shitty conversation about feelings and the fact that the five year difference in age was too large and that they couldn t have some form of a relationshipI understand One of them is underage The other isn t I think that s how it works even in Australia I m from America It would have been bold and hard to sell it already was if this relationship had been stirred up but I wanted it so badly They had great chemistry and to see it completely flatline all of a sudden it was just killer It was cruel xDNow what I liked Almost everything besides that The book was great and at times funny at times touching and the conflict between his parents was written well I hated his father for all of the reasons I was supposed to and admired his mother for the reasons I was supposed to I enjoyed the fact that Peter and his brother seemed to get along just a little better because of the events conspiring around them and it was touchingThe dialogue was astounding Realistic thoughtful perfect Everything from the jeers of the other boys who rode dirtbikes by Peter s house to his mother s kind words to his brother s constant use of sarcasm The dialogue was top notch Which made it painful yet again when things never panned out properly I would have loved to hear the characters struggle through the beginnings of a relationship especially because Peter was so young compared to David There was so much missed opportunity thereKate Walker if by some chance you happen upon this review and feel up for it please write a seuel There was an opening for one there and gay teen fiction has ballooned since when this was originally published It would be a waste not to revisit every single one of these wonderful characters

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Peter AUTHOR Kate Walker Read & Download Á 104 “I had a dream about him” I said“The camp bloke”“Yeah last night I dreamed he came into my room and sat on my bed” “And” Tony’s eyes got wider Wider than usual“He talked about lawnmowe. After reading it a second timeFuck it I love this book Love Peter Love Vince Adore David Wondering why I ever rated this less than five stars ORIGINAL REVIEWWhat a wonderful little piece Peter was a delight to read Full of compassion love curiosity and tension It s just a piece from Peter s the protagonist life At fifteen Peter is rather content or at least somewhat His parents despite divorced are all right His older brother can be an ass at times but he s not that bad Sure the guys from school that Peter rides his bike with he could do without perhaps or at least the hassling Overall though Peter is doing just fineWhen Vince his older brother brings around his friend David Peter starts to uestion himself David happens to be gay Peter has never been that interested in girls or at least not as much as his friends are Then one day when Peter finds himself enjoying David s company and even comfort in him Peter begins to uestions himself Peter is as said just a glimpse at Peter s life But it s a short period in which Peter learns about himself his family and his friends and love This book is from the 90s so it s been a while since it was released Peter has to deal with the fact that his father is a homophobe that his mother insist on accepting everyone and Vince s casual manner At the same time Peter is not sure if he s actually attracted to David maybe he isn t gay after all Or maybe he isThis is all about Peter and him coming to terms with who he is who he likes how he feels Peter is a wonderful protagonist throughout the novel His relationship with his brother especially was touching They d been growing apart but the events that happen during this short book brings out their relationship in a way the past years haven t And David was a nice character too although not as prominent The tension between Peter and David is palpable It ties up nicely too considering in what time this was published Peter is definitely recommended The writing is beautiful and the dialogue perfect It s a touching and real story about coming to terms with oneself uite simple Peter is a wonderful gem

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Peter AUTHOR Kate Walker Read & Download Á 104 N We’re all curious“You ever dreamed about a bloke” I asked him“No” Tony’s eyebrows went dead flat “Never”With a denial like that maybe he had but he sure as hell wasn’t talking about it. I really can t figure out what to say about why I liked this book as much as I did because nothing was super spectacular and the ending kinda left me hanging a bit I didn t love it but I did really like it and read the darn thing in less than a dayIt s a pretty simple story and not a heck of a lot happens however the writing is uite pleasant and I liked the characters I guess that s what it boils down to Likable characters