EBOOK / KINDLE (Playing God) Author Sarah Zettel

  • Paperback
  • 464
  • Playing God
  • Sarah Zettel
  • English
  • 24 October 2018
  • 9780446607582

Sarah Zettel ✓ 9 Read

Playing God Summary å 9 And their advanced technology to exterminate their enemies Lynn becomes trapped in a devastating showdown. Good pulp SF with some moral ideas about the nature of violence Well written well developed characters and development of motivation nobody is evil She shows how each character believes What they are doing is what is right Plot A biotech company comes to save a planet from disease and their own ecological destruction due to warfare

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Playing God Summary å 9 Nd her Bioverse company have been hired to clean up the ecosystem But some groups want to use the humans. My favorite part of this book is in the author s notes at the end where she explains how she came up with the ideas for the alien civilization and culture Those ideas are very interesting and explain a lot about how the people in the book behave The book itself is interesting but is reads like a war and espionage story than one of science fictionI have very mixed feelings about this book There are entertaining bits of very interesting sociological historical cultural and psychological ideas that connect well with our species and make you think of the cultural and racial divisions that have lead to so much unhappiness and strife There is drama and excitement that make the story interesting Despite this overall it wasn t a book I am excited to have read I have already purchased some other books by Sarah Zettel and am hoping to enjoy them

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Playing God Summary å 9 The fierce Dedelphi have unleashed a biological weapon that has poisoned the planet Now Lynn Nussbaumer a. It s the future and an alien planet needs our help The Dedelphi are a maternalsister based family race who live on a planet of islands and archipelagos It s in their very nature to war with other family groups and as a result they have devastated their planet Bioverse Inc has signed a deal to help the Dedelphi completely clean and renew their planet Unfortunately Dedelphi are deathly allergic to humans so while their planet is being restored the aliens have to be relocated to giant ships and separated by family But will the tenuous peace and agreements for relocation workI read this book as part of my gender bending sci fi monthly theme I read it after The Left Hand of Darkness which probably isn t fair It s a bit like trying to perform in a talent show only you re following Lady Gaga or something Wait did I just compare Ursula LeGuin to Lady GagaThe thing is that the gender issues aren t really central to the book They are a curious characteristic to the aliens Zettel has imagined but their uniue sexual characteristics and the sociological implications aren t really explored That s fine by me but then you need to at least make the book a rip roaring tale I just wasn t that into itThis is a very long story with tons of named characters I think it s trying to be an epic tale but it doesn t uite succeed Sadly I kept falling asleep while reading only waking when the light on my eReader would turn off Not really a good sign is itThat said the writing is fine better than most sci fi As a matter of fact it kind of reminded me of Asimov Nothing to write home about but not cringe inducing eitherThe best part of the story is the aliens It s a non technical matriarchial society who need constant companionship from their sisters Zettel describes their physicality really well which makes them the vivid image I ll probably always remember They come in shades from blue to gray to pink and have giant emotive ears Unfortunately their actions are pretty human humans with big families My Big Fat Alien RelocationAt any rate check out the cover It s one of those awesome cheese tastic sci fi covers but really illustrates the story