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Angela Verdenius Í 0 characters Seducing Sam characters ñ 100 M off The only woman who doesn’t seem interested in a relationship with him is the voluptuous Car. I absolutely loved Seducing Sam as it was such a joy to read I was all set to give this novel a four star rating but changed it to five as it filled me with smiles and laughter the feeling of gratification of reading a sweet fun sexy and sizzling hot novel I can t remember the last time I came across a hero uite like Sam Willow The author did an amazing job developing the hero especially one who is so different from so many of the typical heroes I often read about He doesn t come from a wealthy family he s not a millionaire or billionaire he doesn t have a different woman on his arm every night of the week he s not broken or damaged and he s not hiding a deep dark secret Instead our hero is a smart gorgeous sexy as sin broad shouldered beautiful man who is tired of women looking at him like a piece of meat all vying for a date or a little one on one with him And best of all he s looking for a commitment with that special person who just so happens to be his new neighbour Carly I feel like the girls hitting on me aren t interested in me They see the package not the contents I want a woman who will still care about me when I m old and grey I don t want a woman who wants me only while I m young and handsome enough to satisfy her vanity Youth and good looks don t last I want someone to laugh with to share the good times and the bad to be there for each other To support and love and grow old with To still see each other as the most important person in the world when looks and youth have long gone Don t you just want to eat him upWhile Sam may at times come across as sensitive don t let that fool you because when it s time to step up and protect what s his to defend the woman he loves watch out as the alpha in him comes alive What a sexy beast The woman he wants to protect and has fallen in love with is Carly Carly was another well developed character She s a very likeable heroine who s smart and caring but having just come off a bad relationship that hurt her deeply she s full of deep insecurities about her weight and looks all of which leads her to believe that Sam could do better than her Sam sets out to prove to Carly how wrong she is that he loves her and that they belong together and boy does he ever The sex is off the charts hot between them On a side note because I ve had my own weight issues over the years I understood everything Carly was thinking andor going thru It was as though the author had written my very own thoughts and feelings While the story is told from the POV of both Sam and Carly I d have to say without a doubt the true star of the story is Sam If he s not at work Sam can be found puttering in his yard as he loves to garden or at the beach to surf or hanging out with his friends He also has a loving relationship with his cat SJ Now I m not a cat person but the little talks he has with SJ no the cat doesn t talk back are so cute and funny If that wasn t enough the banter and ribbing between him and his best buds at the gym was hilarious a favourite scene of mine The author did a great job with this scene as I found their discussions rants and teasing to be very realistic So if you want to read something that s light sexy and fun I highly recommend reading Seducing Sam Ladies by the time you get to the end you ll be wishing for your very own Sam

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Angela Verdenius Í 0 characters Seducing Sam characters ñ 100 Ly Miller So why can't he get her off his mind Is seduction in the air and if so who is seducing wh. 35 starsAngela Verdenius delivered once again A very lovely sweet short story It was also nice seeing some of the couples from previous books in this one

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Angela Verdenius Í 0 characters Seducing Sam characters ñ 100 A lot of women have tried to seduce sweet sexy Sam Willow Even his absent mindedness hasn't put the. I m not in the least bit embarrassed to say that I am a FAN GIRL when it comes to Angela Verdenius She has got me hooked on her community of hunky blokes and curvy sheilas Funny and steamy and sweet these books seem to have it all for me But this one Seducing Sam just went above and beyond exceeding all of my expectationsThis story seemed to have MORE The banter between characters seemed funnier than ever the steam and sexual tension seemed amp ed up and there was the lurking element of danger on the horizon that made things interesting and tense which isn t a usual thing in her BBW series Or maybe it s because she didn t let me down when it came to our hero SamI ve been intrigued and half in love with Sam since I read Virgin Sex ueen but I figured Sam s story wasn t going to be told because Ms Verdenius took the secondary characters off in another direction to start the Mackay Sisters series It was a happy day for me when I found out that my yes I have dibs sweet bespectacled muscular male nurse would have his story told HallelujahThere is so much about Sam that is endearing He s sexy he s studly but he s no woman s piece o meat No Ma am He s not interested in being a notch on a bedpost or anyone s boy toy He wants a woman with staying power But sometimes his kind heart and good manners keep him from being blunt in his rebuffs which unfortunately lets the tenacious of the horny witches worm their way into a date or two with him Poor SamSam also has the cute tendency to misplace things His glasses his keys his books especially when he has a certain voluptuous neighbor Carly on his mind And his cat SJ Sam Junior is no help at all He just judges with his judgy eyes and plots the downfall of the yappy chihuahua Crusher across the streetCarly wasn t delicate wasn t slim okay she wasn t delicate or slim she was a generously proportioned woman but hell she was all woman All curves and rounded limbs all big bosom big hips he could grasp and dig his fingers into hips his palms could curve around as he held her for their mutual pleasureSoft pink lips Soft flesh Smooth skin All curves and peaks valleys and sweet sweet scent If he closed his eyes he could recall how sweet she smelledNow he was getting a bonerFinishing off the last of the iced chocolate he wondered about his next step Did he have a next step What was that What did he intend to do Should he do anythingCrumpling the carton in his hand he tossed it through the air Unfortunately his eye sight wasn t that good without his glasses and it hit the wall instead of landing in the binSighing he picked up the carton and placed it in the bin Scratching his head he looked around Where were his glassesMaybe he d go out for a drive drop in on Alan and Sophie let things settle in his own mind before he really thought about what he was going to doIf he could find his frickin car keysThat folks is an example of how a funny sexy sweet BBW is done Perfection And to top it off we get Alan Mike Marty and Tim thrown into the mix hunks and laughs Not to spoil anything but Alan still refers to women as chicks he hasn t been reformed by Sophie obviously And Tim is still wearing hilariously inappropriate animal t shirts If you are wondering if my Sam is falling into the too nice category never fear he s the right blend of dominant caring and protective for Carly who has some past demons that have yet to be worked outI don t want to say just read it And if you haven t read any of the books that came before get on it