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  • 14 June 2019
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Terris McMahan Grimes ☆ 4 Read

Terris McMahan Grimes ☆ 4 Read Smelling Herself Read & Download ð 4 E “Stay out of grown folk’s business” her mother warns But grown folks don’t seem to care and Bernadine knows it is up to her to save Jessie Mae Monsters both imaginary and human stalk the night streets But Bernadine chokes back her fear and slips out into the dark hoping to find someone who will help Jessie Mae That courageous act triggers a series of terrifying events forcing Bernadine into a desperate fight for her own life Even if she manages to save herself can she save her family from the evil she has set loose I won this book from Goodreads Firstreads It was amazing I wasn t sure I would enjoy a book written from the point of view of a young girl but I couldn t put it down I hope there is a seuel because I didn t want the story to end

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Smelling Herself

Terris McMahan Grimes ☆ 4 Read Smelling Herself Read & Download ð 4 With her ever present extension cord Grow up That seems to be Bernadine’s only recourse But she soon discovers that growing up is a lot complicated than she imagined Then a couple moves into the apartment above Bernadine’s bringing with them a haunted looking underfed little girl named Jessie Mae Night after night strange noises and muffled screams from upstairs invade Bernadine’s dreams wrenching her awake By the time she figures out the ugly truth about what’s going on up there it just may be too late for Jessie Ma I won this in a Goodreads giveawayThis is typically not a book I would have chosen for myself to read however I am so glad I received itThe book was so well written The story characters both sucked me in The only complaint I would have would be that it wasn t long enough I wanted to hear of this story and found out the outcomes of certain storylines I look forward to reading form this author

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Terris McMahan Grimes ☆ 4 Read Smelling Herself Read & Download ð 4 It’s 1964 and it seems to eleven year old Bernadine that nowhere in the world is safe for a black kid First they gang up and kill Emmett Till Then they kill four little girls in Sunday school somewhere down South Now the police are shooting black kids in West Oakland just blocks away from where she lives And that’s not all Neighborhood bullies lay in wait just itching to beat up kids like her Vicious dogs roam city streets Nasty old men try to entice young girls into their cars And her mother is all too uick to lash out I purchased Smelling Herself thinking it would be a departure from the grittiness of Terris Grimes previous compelling murder mysteries this supposition was based on the sassy young black girl wearing a pink dress on the cover After the first few pages centering on the growing of titties I thought I would be in for a nice light romp in the life of a young girl But the second chapter began with the murder of a Black singing icon and ended introducing the unusual family who lived upstairs who were apparently no strangers to physical abuse The cast of characters in protagonist Bernadine s life became real on the ensuing pages as well as the gritty Oakland California environment in which they lived during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s The hard working caring families who attempted to raise their children amongst the mean streets and meaner racist values of America were brought into focus The story unfolded describing the village family the friendships the hard realities of bullies and what can result when pubescent boys and girls get together I responded to the juxtaposition of the importance of education eg wordsmithing games between the father and daughter laughed at the childlike numerical aggrandizements eg he took to doing the hundred mile march after he finished the evening chores although it was like 7962 miles most nights But the basic storyline is what really got me an 11 year old Bernadine making it her mission to save a young girl who is being abused when adults failed to step up The bravery the tenacity the too fast growing up of our protagonist and the good and bad things that ensued made it easy no imperative to read the book from cover to cover in one session The first Kleenex came out when some violent thugs said Hey l il sis this ain t no place for you and volunteered to help Bernie humanity even among thugs More Kleenex when a cuckholded wife helped Bernadine too Altogether about 10 Kleenexes some for joy some for sadness And that s why Smelling Herself is so great it combines lightness and dark community and hope I look forward to a follow on book from Ms Grimes