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The Billionaires Black Stepsister Review à 106 Nd for three years she maintains that promise until one wild night the night of her twenty first birthday Victor Stern has money than he has lifetimes to spend it so when his little stepsister gets into Columbia he is than willing to pay for her college education as long as she keeps her grades up and most importantly she stays out of trouble But when Victor has to suddenly fly clear across the countr.

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The Billionaires Black Stepsister Review à 106 Arizona Cohen is a young voluptuous beautiful college co ed For most of her life she has had to live in the shadow of her successful billionaire stepbrother Victor Stern and there was a time when she hadn’t uite adjusted too well to having a new older stepbrother in her life But when she goes off to college Arizona promises their parents and her brother that her wild rebellious days are behind her A.

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The Billionaires Black Stepsister Review à 106 Y to bail his stepsister out of jail he knows it’s time to teach the little brat a lesson she will never forget Victor is about to teach Arizona a very adult and mature lesson on what happens to innocent little brats when they fail to keep their promises And it’s a lesson she won’t soon forget; because Victor fully intends to take Arizona deep rough and raw and he has no intention of pulling out.