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REVIEW à The Body-Snatcher Robert Louis Stevenson Ë 0 REVIEW Pses they are using in class are not donated but rather stolen from fresh graves and now he must get himself a new one Fettes thinks he'. The supernatural punch line at the end makes the whole story ridiculous

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The Body-Snatcher

REVIEW à The Body-Snatcher Robert Louis Stevenson Ë 0 REVIEW Scotland 1815 Fettes a young medical student is learning than he ever wanted to know about corpses He is shocked to realize that the cor. To bodies that had been laid in earth in joyful expectation of a far different awakening there came that hasty lamplit terror haunted resurrection of the spade and mattock A group of friends have a habit of getting together in a hotel tavern to drink and tell tall tales but sometimes the true stories are the ones that are frightening than those spawned from the most vivid imaginations The curiosity of one of the friends a writer is roused when he sees his friend Fettes brace an eminent doctor named Wolfe Macfarlane The words exchanged make Macfarlane flee and by his pale countenance make the writer believe there is much to his friend Fettes than he knows It doesn t take the writer long to find the string of the story and follow it back to its ghastly beginnings You see Macfarlane and Fettes worked for the famous or should I say infamous anatomist Robert Knox Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1850 twenty two years after the shocking events of 1828 that terrified not only the whole city but also unnerved the entire country Stevenson was a sickly child but when he was well enough to play I m sure his voice bounced off the brick faces of the buildings along his street along with the voices of the other children as they chanted Up the close and doun the stairBut and ben wi Burke and HareBurke s the butcher Hare s the thiefKnox the boy that buys the beef 19th century Edinburgh skipping rhyme Robert Knox the very same Robert Knox that Stevenson uses in this story like most doctors of the time who are interested in studying human anatomy is always short of bodies They employ men to procure those bodies for them underlings like Macfarlane and Fettes would have been charged with dealing with these unsavory characters who arrive in the dead of night with their bulky long packages smelling of damp earth and decay Now Stevenson doesn t name these men in his story but in real life they were William Burke and William Hare There are all kinds of difficulties in acuiring enough bodies to meet the demands of the anatomy school but also it is very lucrative Thus under the dripping trees and environed by huge and moving shadows they reached the scene of their unhallowed labours They have to be Johnny on the spot to dig up those freshly buried corpses from the graveyard It isn t something you can do in daylight It is something that can only be done after all the hardworking people of Edinburgh had snuffed out their candles It has to be shocking to grieving relatives to go out to the gravesite to visit their recently departed father or daughter or aunt only to find a pile of dirt next to the open grave where they had seen them buried just the day before Has their loved one become a vampireNo just thieves very disgusting thieves at that Stevenson vividly describes that ride back into town with the body wedged between them The drenching sackcloth would flap icily about their faces That graveyard dirt is still mired in the crevices of their fingers their hearts about to jump out of their chests at every lurid shadow or eerie sound Knox did not care where the bodies came from nor did he want to know Burking was actually a term that was added to the lexicon And what is with the creepy priest behind the doorAs Edinburgh begins to realize this epidemic of missing corpses they start to hold vigils throughout the night over their recently departed friends and family This puts a crimp in Burke and Hare s midnight activities The other problem is that digging up graves is backbreaking work With so many wretched people walking around just waiting to die anyway why not skip the burial and snatch them before the scythe of the Grim Reaper can find them Walter Scott put it best Our Irish importation have made a great discovery of Oeconomicks namely that a wretch who is not worth a farthing while alive becomes a valuable article when knockd on the head carried to an anatomist and acting on this principle have cleard the streets of some of those miserable offcasts of society whom nobody missed because nobody wishd to see them again Before they are caught Burke and Hare murder 16 or so people Knox must have been delighted over the freshness of his anatomy subjects Hare turns state s evidence against Burke Burke is convicted and hanged His body is of course it would only be fitting turned over to be dissected You can still visit Burke or at least what is left of him at the Edinburgh Medical School There be Burke a little worse for wearKnox is not convicted by the courts after all he knew nothing of where the bodies were coming from but he is found guilty by the population of Edinburgh Mobs run Knox and Hare and his wife she actually helped them find victims out of town Knox is never able to find work at a university again Corpse snatching is not just happening in Scotland but is common throughout the world in Victorian times and before Burke and Hare actually operated at the end of the Georgian Era as doctors desperately try to determine how the human body works Certainly their efforts advance the understanding of the human body and that leads to breakthroughs in surgery and medicine but there is no escaping the unsavory nature of how they procured their anatomy subjects It would be too much to ask of an Edinburgh born writer not to use the plot of a homegrown horror like this one in one of his own stories Stevenson s descriptions are wonderful and certainly this is a fun Gothic tale but the supernatural element in the ending might seem contrived to a modern reader At the time it was published in 1884 I can assure you that many readers would have felt their superstitious natures stirred and their tea might have shook as it was brought to their lips There is also a really good novel about body snatching that I read several years ago by Tim Curran called The Corpse King if anyone is interested in learning about this foul trade 35 stars out of 5If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit 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REVIEW à The Body-Snatcher Robert Louis Stevenson Ë 0 REVIEW S up to this terrifying task but he can't anticipate what will happen that night or the body that will haunt him for the rest of his lif. Robert Louis Stevenson takes an Edgar Allen Poe bent in this atmospheric short story As the title suggests this is the account of two medical students who are obtaining cadavers in an unscrupulous manner I found myself uite wrapped up in the narrative and I liked the twist at the endAfter participating in a discussion group on this story I have decided I looked at this story in far too simple a light I have upgraded my rating from 3 to 4 stars