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  • The Urban Hermit A Memoir
  • Sam Macdonald
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  • 07 June 2020
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The Urban Hermit A Memoir Download Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Faced with the truth that his debts and his waistline had both ballooned out of control Sam MacDonald devised a plan to change his lifeWhen Sam graduated from Yale in 1995 he watched a classmate make inroads as a head office guy in professional baseball another become a day trading millionaire and another develop connections at the Playboy Mansion Struggling to make ends meet he shrugged his. This is the story of a to this reader s mind somewhat screwed up man boy in the body of a 300 pound self named fat bastard who took extreme measures to straighten up and fly right MacDonald though somehow a Yale graduate seemingly lived to do the bare minimum by day as in fly by night dead end jobs and to party by nightmainly drinking and specifically in a Balti bar called Kisling sMacDonald s love of Kisling s and the drinking culture pervades the story and weirdly he writes with affection and vigor about this particular watering hole than he does about any of the people in his life Although I am not one to stand in the way of a man or woman and their favorite dive I found this single minded devotion to getting shit faced depressing especially in someone who was a decade out of collegeCircumstances caught up with MacDonald right around the turn of the millennium in the way of student loans maxed out credit cards a beater car with chronic transmission problems and that pesky back rent MacDonald s plight is all too familiar in the recently departed era of instant gratification bigger is better consumption as a virtue and instant credit schemes However the debt he racked up at Kisling s and with various drug dealers makes his situation somewhat less poignantBacked into a corner MacDonald devises a scheme where he will live on 800 calories a day and a food budget of 8 per week His diet will mainly comprise lentils and generic tuna and bread Along with this mortification of the esophagus MacDonald also swears off Kisling s other bars drugs and entertainment outside the TV He begins to take rambling walks at night after work because he has nothing better to doAnd he begins to lose weightprecipitously Throughout the course of the book MacDonald s weight loss becomes somewhat a metaphor for the other detritus he begins to shed in his life as he transforms himself from The Fat Bastard to the Urban HermitSome of these changes are very impressive on the surface MacDonald begins to actually apply himself to his current job at a small Balti area paper and realizes that journalism is his professional calling Along with the opportunities that present themselves with his work he meets a girl friendI was uneasy with the end of the book MacDonald seems to remain a man with issuesfood issues maturity issues and inter personal relationship issues In truth I suppose the vast majority of the population has these issues It is unrealistic to expect that everything will be tied up in a neat psychological bundle at the end of the last paragraph However I found MacDonald difficult to warm up toand viewed him primarily as the architect of his own downfalls Maybe that should make it all the impressive when he started to climb out of the abyssbut for me it didn t

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The Urban Hermit A Memoir Download Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A bizarre year long journey He lost 160 pounds in the process befriended rent dodging trailer park denizens flew to Bosnia on assignment traveled to a peace festival in a hippie van had a run in with Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard and met the woman who would later become his wifeThe Urban Hermit is a wildly hilarious story about backwoods living as told by a man who should have known bett. funny book about a hugely overweight guy living in Balti a few years after graduating from Yale sharing an apartment with his cousin drifting in and out of jobs drinking a lot and going broke He tries a two fold solution to the weight and money problems by living on 800 calories a day mostly lentils and tuna sandwiches avoiding the bar where he was a regular and or less doing nothing but going on long walks by himselfBy the end of a year he s lost approximately a whole adult person gotten a steady newspaper job and met the woman he ended up marrying Some detourstravelogues along the way including a trip to cover the Rainbow Gathering in Montana driving all the way there in a nearly expired van with two other ne er do wellsHumor is juvenile at times but overall I enjoyed it uite a bit He has a keen eye for detail in describing even mundane things like his first date in uite a while the reactions he got to his weight loss etc

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The Urban Hermit A Memoir Download Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Shoulders at their success and raised a tall one to themIt wasn't until April 2000 that Sam got his wake up call He weighed 340 lbs He was flat broke And the IRS had caught up with himIn a desperate attempt to save himself Sam decided to limit himself to a budget of 8 a week and 800 calories a day He called it The Urban Hermit PlanHe thought he would do it for a month Instead he embarked on. Ugh There s nothing wrong with not going on a journey of personal discovery or learning much about anything when you make a change in your life but it makes for a pretty boring book MacDonald skims the surface of a change in lifestyle never really ruminating on the cause and effect of his journey into Urban Hermit hood which wasn t particularly hermit like or urban Also he s a little whiny treating minor set backs as major downfalls and generally unaware of the fact that what he set out to do was really not that big a deal It s inexplicable to me how a person a political journalist no less could voluntarily put themselves on a starvation diet except for the beer and never once contemplate the poverty and starvation that affects so many people You don t have to be a bleeding heart liberal for it to cross your mind that this is a painful reality for millions of people Possibly or even likely MacDonald is a nice man who learned some self control through his experience but it doesn t make for interesting reading