PDF/EBOOK (MIA Missing in Atlanta)

  • Hardcover
  • 237
  • MIA Missing in Atlanta
  • Debby Giusti
  • English
  • 16 December 2018
  • 9781410414922

Debby Giusti Ë 1 CHARACTERS

CHARACTERS ï MIA Missing in Atlanta Prostitution to the most cold blooded of criminals right outside her door Knew that the handsome brave captain was in for heartache And that falling in love with him was her riskiest move yet. Missing in Atlanta was a very good read There was some suspense mystery some romance and some lessons of faith mixed in It was e

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CHARACTERS ï MIA Missing in Atlanta Granted he hadn't known her long but returning war hero Jude Walker expected to eventually marry the woman he'd met during his last leave Not fi nd her missing Or learn that her last known add. Jude home on leave looking for his girlfriend that he met 6 months ago on 2 weeks of leave and came back to find her missing He


CHARACTERS ï MIA Missing in Atlanta Ress was a homeless shelter in a dangerous part of the city The shelter's temporary director Sarah Montgomery didn't know Jude's friend But she knew the streets knew the dangers from drugs and. Returning soldier Jude Walker comes to Atlanta to find a woman he d spent a few weeks with prior to his deployment but only find