[The Music of the Spheres] E–pub Ì Elizabeth Redfern

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  • The Music of the Spheres
  • Elizabeth Redfern
  • English
  • 13 December 2020
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review The Music of the Spheres Summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Elizabeth Redfern Elizabeth Redfern ´ 4 Free read He shadowy alleys of London The redemption he craves won't be found in the politics of war The answers he seeks won't be on the city streets Danger and intrigue will compel him to look elsewhere for it is where he least expects it that a secret is hidin. I was in the mood for a historical novel and this was a pretty decent mystery to boot I enjoyed it My only complaint was that the astronomical bits could get a little tedious at times Also it made me feel like I should brush up on my French revolutionary history I kept getting Republicans and Royalists confused A good uick read I d recommend it

review The Music of the SpheresThe Music of the Spheres

review The Music of the Spheres Summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Elizabeth Redfern Elizabeth Redfern ´ 4 Free read Volution rages across the Channel Jonathan Absey working for England's Home Office tracks down foreign spies in the war against France But he is obsessed with the recent killings of prostitutes all of whom resemble his lost daughter who met her end in t. Much as I wanted to love this novel it just lacked something to rate than three stars despite the allure of its well depicted period setting a range of characters that felt authentic than is often the case in historical fiction reasonably gripping serial killer plotline mixed with spies astronomy and political intrigue in late 18th C London portrayed with messy smelly realism a dark and dangerous place A good edit would have improved the novel by tightening up the narrative less digression not uite so much detail though I appreciate a lot of research clearly went into the writing but in places there was simply too much information to the detriment of narrative pace and holding the reader s attention I enjoyed the main character Jonathan Absey a spy master who comes unstuck following the brutal murder of his young daughter by a Jack the Ripper style killer and his older half brother Alexander a gay man in a harsh world where homosexuals risk public execution by hanging The voices of these men are very well done indeed though sometimes uncomfortable reading the novel certainly goes for a warts all approach that I found very refreshing though other reviewers here have been put off by its spare no details take on sexuality and violence I applaud any writer who goes against current orthodoxy that historical characters must think and act as though they have somehow anticipated 21st C attitudes so as not to offend modern readers with outdated prejudices However I guessed the identity of the killer early on worked out who the mysterious Selene was and then it all got a bit melodramatic towards the end It was predictable though I did enjoy parts of the novel very much The exiled French aristocrat characters engaged in astronomy and espionage did not rise much above stereotype and their part of the story failed to convince me Poor Jonathan Absey suffers a deal of misfortune as the story unfolds his brother tooand assorted red headed young women who exist only to be victims as reuired Though the ending is predictable or perhaps inevitable is a accurate description it also leaves unanswered uestions and I wondered if Redfern had hoped to write a seuelSo not a bad historical crime novel if you have a stomach for graphic detail and sexual violence there are abusive relationships that could upset some readers There is much to like in the shape of well realised time place flawed characters and a dark gritty story of love obsession intrigue spies secret messages and political skulduggery

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review The Music of the Spheres Summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Elizabeth Redfern Elizabeth Redfern ´ 4 Free read In eighteenth century London a killer walks the teeming streets His victims are always young prostitutes with red hair Before they die they hear whispers that speak of stars Of a woman named Selene Then they feel the cord around their necks While the Re. Elizabeth Redfern has crafted a thinking person s historical thriller in this vivid account of a man s search for his daughter s killer and the uest for a lost planet among refugees from the French Revolution The sights sounds and smells of 18th century London permeate the tale of Jonathan Absey a calcifying civil servant whose family and personal life have crumbled following the death of his daughter who was strangled by a serial killer preying on red haired prostitutes While the premise sounds reminiscent of countless other thrillers echoing the later horrors and panic of the infamous Ripper spree this is where the similarities end Rather than settle for the usual stop the murderer before he kills again scenario Ms Redfern instead has crafted a fascinating rumination on the forces that our beliefs exert on us and the effects of one seemingly random event on an entire life She adds to her lead character a fascinating cast of supporting roles including Jonathan s sensitive homosexual brother Alexander an amateur astronomy aficionado who falls in thrall to a tormented French refugee brother and sister In a time when being gay was both persecuted and dangerous Redfern s choice to tell part of her story through Alexander s eyes is a bold one elevating the narrative into one of elouent complexity As Alexander becomes increasingly involved with the mysterious and glamorous Auguste and her terminally ill brother who may in fact be the very killer Jonathan Absey seeks the world around them is being shaken by the ongoing war in France and ruthless suspicions of the English government which is avidly hunting down French spies The descriptions of France s struggles and the suffering of those forced to leave are poignant rarely do we read about those who fled abroad only to encounter another country s hostilityWhile the occasional digressions into battles abroad dilute the immediate plot this is still a book rich in atmosphere and suspense a heady excursion to an era when astronomy was a burgeoning science war was as haunting a presence as the murderer in London s midst and one man s dogged search to bring a killer to justice unravels a myriad of deadly secrets