Just One Taste Pine Mountain #45 [E–pub New]

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  • Just One Taste Pine Mountain #45
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  • 13 July 2020
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Just One Taste Pine Mountain #45 characters ´ 104 Herapist means she won’t see much of Jesse even if he’s a few thin floorboards away unless she seeks him out And with his sculpted body and slow burn gaze she might be tempted Maybe the fixer upper projects she has planned for the cabin will keep her mind off him Or maybe her instincts to strip the place down will get out of han. I was so excited to learn Kimberly Kincaid was finally going to give me Jesse s story He is exactly the reason why I wish Pine Mountain was a real town so I could pack my bags and move there tomorrow The small town feel of JUST ONE TASTE is so heart warming and you will feel as if all the townspeople are your friends and you ve known them all your life The way Jesse and Kat fight their mutual attraction for each other is going to tug at your heart and at the same time will have you wanting to knock some sense into both of them I can t wait to continue with this series Note I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Just One Taste Pine Mountain #45 characters ´ 104 N the creaky duplex sounds like a fair return favor That’s before he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman moving into the other side of the cabin and discovers she’s his buddy’s kid sister aka totally off limits Kat McMarrin has fought hard for her space and she’s not too interested in sharing it Of course her job as a physical t. This story is about two people who have absolutely no intention of falling in love However you know what they say the best laid plans of mice and men The story starts with Jesse waking up to a puddle and the sound of water running in his bathroom After looking around the building he discovers that there was a water main break in the building Kat comes home from her morning run sees everyone standing in the front of the building They tell her of the damage in her apartment as wellKat and her brother Gabe inherited a building consisting of two small apartments on the lakefront Unfortunately it is in disrepair Gabe Kat s brother and Jesse s best friend offers to let Gabe stay there when he finds out what happened at his apartment Kat plans to stay there too unknowing that Jesse will be staying there too Once they both decide to stay Kat and Jesse agree to repair it togetherBoth Kat and Jessie have emotional baggage of their own Jesse grew up with a single mom with a drug habit He develops feelings inadeuacy when he loses friends and teammates in Afghanistan when he could not save them on his last tour Gabe and Jesse became best friends when they served together in Afghanistan Gabe was aware of some of Jesse s emotional issues Kat and her family moved every 18 months or so because her father was also in the military She grew up feeling as if she never had a real homeJesse starts to care for Kat and she for him but his feelings of inadeuacy somewhat keep him from following through with his feelings until Gabe calls him on it telling him to get on with itI loved this story because of all the emotions it pulled me thru I love books that do that Ms Kincaid does a phenomenal job in the writing of this storyThank you Kimberly Kincaid Jane Nutter Kensington Publishing Corp and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC I loved this book so much I bought it as wellThank you for reading my review Get this book for yourself you will love it too

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Just One Taste Pine Mountain #45 characters ´ 104 A little home improvement can go a long way Jesse Oliver was a medic in Afghanistan but back home in Pine Mountain he’s happy to switch gears as the Double Shot bar’s new sous chef When his apartment floods and his old Army buddy offers the family’s dilapidated lake house as temporary uarters Jesse thinks a little remodeling o. One thing I can say about the Pine Mountain series is that I am never disappointed I love the setting and I adore the characters to pieces Kincaid delivers a sweet and romantic novella about a army medic who feels like he isn t good enough or doesn t officially have a place and a woman who is utterly uniue who happens to be the little sister of a good friend When Jesse and Kat are living in the apartments they have nothing to do with each other but little head nods and looks Now that they are sharing Kats and Gabes cabin they are spending time together and getting the chance to get to know each otherThis two were written perfectly for one another They happened to balance each other out so well and their chemistry is to die for I love how Jesse tries to stay away because he thinks she deserves better but Kat is strong and wants Jesse no matter what Although this is a uick read you don t feel cheated on a story Do I wish these two had a whole entire book Absolutely But the way it was written didn t cheat them of the happily ever after they both ended up finding This is a great addition to the series This could be read as a standalone but I would suggest starting from the beginning of the series since in this story you meet some of the characters from previous books and how they all end up knowing each other Not only will you fall in love with pine mountain but you will fall in love with the characters and they will keep you coming back for Nicks book is next and lets just say I m excited and waiting on the edge of my seat to see what Kincaid has in store for him