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  • Journal d'un parfumeur
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characters Journal d'un parfumeur review ´ Journal d'un parfumeur 100 F' 'le nez' or 'the nose' for Hermès Believing that creating a scent is like creating a work of art and describing himself as a writer using 'olfactory colours' he explains how all of the five senses come into play when creating a perfume He also reveals how inspiration can come from a market stall a landscape or even the movement of calligraphy and concludes this charming perceptive diary with re. Pleasant enough for what it is although pretty insubstantial This is a short series of diary entries from a perfumier who works for Hermes in which he talks about various influences uotidian and developmental over his work He gives an interesting account of the development of discernment over a lifetime I think this will be very interesting to anyone working in an artistic field other than perfume as he presents essentially what was to me an account of taste in a field whose very difference defamiliarized familiar accounts of how one reads an artwork Still pretty nugatory for the most part although a uick and satisfying read

characters Journal d'un parfumeur

Journal d'un parfumeur

characters Journal d'un parfumeur review ´ Journal d'un parfumeur 100 The French bestseller The Diary of a Nose is the story behind the creation of a perfume from the head perfumer at HermèsPerfume creation is an exclusive and secretive endeavour What is day to day life like for a perfume maker How does the creation of a new scent begin How do you capture the essence of a smell on the skinFor one year Jean Claude Ellena kept a diary of his life as 'parfumeur exclusi. Jean Claude Ellena is a nose one of a small talented and highly trained group of experts who create fine fragrances In fact he s one of the most highly respected noses in the business having designed iconic fragrances such as First for Van Cleef and Arpels as well as many of the famous perfumes of Hermes In The Diary of a Nose he tells us a little of his methods explaining the painstaking process of developing a fragance from its initial inspiration through the laborious testing and refining process to its eventual launch to the publicThis is a short book written in a diary format which supposedly follows Ellena over the course of a year In fact it felt like a series of very short essays or newspaper columns as most entries focused on a particular idea or theme rather than a conventional description of the day s events The entries were a little too short for my liking and I would have enjoyed development of some of these ideas The book seems aimed at readers who have much than a passing interest in the subject of perfume as there are some chemical formulae as well as a lengthy appendix explaining how to create various scents using different chemicals and essences If somebody were considering a career in perfumery I would recommend this book wholeheartedly and even with no knowledge of the subject at all I still found myself intrigued at how chemicals that have never been anywhere near a fruit can be mixed together to smell like a pear or strawberryI spent much of the book trying to get a handle on Ellena s personality from the way he writes He s uite scant on personal information and his writing is completely humourless There s not the merest vestige of a joke or lightness of tone to be found anywhere and I m afraid I built up a rather unflattering picture of a haughty Frenchman who strikes fear into the hearts of his uaking assistants I know this is meant to be a serious work but I would have liked to have seen a little chink of humanityI did find myself wandering over to my dressing table and sniffing my own collection of perfumes while reading this trying to pay attention to all the different elements and seeing if I could detect a particular flower herb or fruit The book will get you thinking about fragrance and what it means to us how it is linked to memory and how it can provoke an emotional reactionWhile perfume junkies will certainly enjoy The Diary of a Nose the deadly serious tone and lack of depth and detail will limit its appeal I think I would have enjoyed a conventional autobiography but I m not sure Ellena would have been up to the task As a perfumer I m sure he s a genius but as an author he s a little too dry for my taste

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characters Journal d'un parfumeur review ´ Journal d'un parfumeur 100 Cipes for natural fragrances each made up of three synthetic ingredients to create the illusion of smells like freesia orange blossom grapefruit pear chocolate cashew and cotton candyThis is the story of a uest to capture what is most elusive Jean Claude Ellena offer readers a rare insight into the secrets of his business his art and his life as one of the world's most important and admired perfume. I recently became engaged with texts on perfume after finding The Emperor of Scent by Chandler Burr at a trains station that had wild hyacinths blooming in the parking lot I searched out like minded books on scent intrigued at how little I d considered this sense of mine and was hoping to get a deeper understanding of scent from this bookThis book is simply a journal by a composer of perfumes Jean Claude is certainly an intriguing figure but he seems so engrossed in his own scent wanderings that it s hard to bridge the gap if you re also not a super smeller He s not known as a writer although it s clear from his thoughts he s an artist But as a non writer there is little sense or true cohesion or finality to this book It does indeed read like a perfume would it wafts past enticing scents of fashion culture food and greatness without settling specifically on a thought It lingers but only slightly so I think perfume obsessives will love this but the man does not extend his thoughts to those who do not understand it He simply invites you into his mind wanderings which are at times interesting but collectively nothing to write home about A simple easy book that may intrigue you further down the rabbit hole of scent but has no true lasting effect on me otherwise