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Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales

Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales Review Ò 6 Review Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales Es that reflect the very foundations of Jewish mystical thought His writing as always is beautiful his research is breathtaking his contribution is extraordinary Arthur Kurzweil author of From Generation to Generation Howard Schwartz the foremost Jewish anthologist has defined genres through his various collections of tales In Elijah s Violin he explored Jewish fairy tales in Lilith s Cave he examined Jewish tales of the supernatural Now in Gabriel s Palace he has collected mystical tales from a wide range of Jewish sources in the first book of its kind These brief imaginative stories written in a fluid oral style by a master storyteller are truly marvelous and miracle filled Through these stories we see the circle forming the mystical dance beginning and we are drawn into the circle to continue the spiritual journey of the Jewish people Peninnah Schram author of Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another and Tales of Elijah the Prophet A handsome collection of little known tales lyrical enough to read at children s bedtime and scholarly enough to be assigned in class Alan F Segal Professor of Religions Barnard College Columbia University Tales drawn from the long traditions of Jewish mysticism and retold by Schwartz in an incomparably beautiful style for modern readersThe stories have been painstakingly researched collected and retoldAn excellent gift book a rare treasure trove It s fascinatingly appealing and enduring St Louis Post Dispatch You don t of course have to be Jewish to relish these sharp clever instructive anecdotes The Washington Post Book WorldA vast bounty of tales recounting mystical experiences among the rabbis can be.

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Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales Review Ò 6 Review Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales There are pages of scholarly notes about the tales and an extremely helpful Glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish words The Living Church Gabriel s Palace offers tales on such intriguing topics as meditation and spiritual growth psychic phenomena like clairvoyance and precognition dreamwork healing near death and out of the body experiences and potent encounters with angelic and demonic forces It is impossible to come away from this book without absobring a good deal of Jewish mystical teaching about these subjects especially since Schwartz s simple but poetic style helps bring the tales to contemporary life Gnosis Magazine rabbinic Kabalistic Hasidic and other mystical folktales from the international Jewish traditionSchwartz delivers another monumental masterpiece that will inform illuminate and entertain Highly recommended Library Journal A wise book Sr Anna M Denbla Spalding University In recent years Howard Schwartz combining the accumulative skills of scholarship with the lucently pure voice of the storyteller has become the preeminent Jewish folklorist in America What the Grimm brothers and Martin Buber gave to the German language what Italo Calvino gave to the Italian Schwartz now gives to English a landmark collection of tales that expands our common patrimony of legend and mystical treasure Where Gabriel s Palace is uniuely Jewish however is in its God soaked search under the light of Torah for the saintly deed Cynthia Ozick author of The Messiah of Stockholm and The Pagan Rabbi and Other Stories Once in a while a book appears that is truly important Gabriel s Palace is just such a volume Howard Schwartz has gathered the essential tal.

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Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales Review Ò 6 Review Gabriel's Palace: Jewish Mystical Tales Found in the Talmud the Zohar Jewish folktales and Hasidic lore Now in Gabriel s Palace scholar Howard Schwartz has collected the greatest of these stories sacred and secular in a marvelously readable anthology Gabriel s Palace offers a treasury of pithy and powerful tales involving experiences of union with the divine out of body travel encounters with angels and demons possession by spirits holy and pernicious andSchwartz provides an informative introduction placing these remarkable tales firmly in the context of centuries of post biblical Jewish tradition The body of the text presents spellbinding tales from the Talmud Zohar the Hasidic masters and an enormous range of other sources Here are stories of Shimon bar Yohai reputed to be the author of the Zohar Isaac Luria known as the Ari who was the central figure among the Safed mystics of the th century Israel ben Eliezer known as Baal Shem Tov who founded Hasidism Elimelech of Lizensk possessor of legendary mystical powers and Nachman of Bratslav the great storyteller whose wandering spirit is said to protect his followers to this day Together these tales paint a vivid picture of a world of signs and symbols where everything that took place had meaning a world of mythic proportionsA world in which the spirits of the dead were no longer invisible nor the angels where the master and his disciples labor to repair the world so that the footsteps of the Messiah might be heard Drawn from rabbinic kabbalistic folk and Hasidic sources these collected tales form a rich genre all their own In Gabriel s Palace the powerful tradition of Jewish mysticism comes to life in clear contemporary Englis.

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