E–pub/E–book [Londonstani] ☆ Gautam Malkani

  • Hardcover
  • 431
  • Londonstani
  • Gautam Malkani
  • Polish
  • 04 March 2020
  • 9788374142052

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Londonstani characters Á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Londonistan to debiut który stał się sensacją Targów Książki we Frankfurcie w 2005 roku W Wielkiej Brytanii powieść ukazała się wiosną 2006 roku i błyskawicznie stała się bestsellerem Prawa do przekładu nabyły wydawnictwa z kilkunastu krajów Mieszkający w Londynie dziewiętnastoletni Jas bohater powieści i jednocześnie jej narrator przyłącza się do gangu rówieśników Hadrjita Raviego i Amita którzy przemoc uważają za manifestację odrębności Najbrutalniejszy jest sikh Hardjit konfliktowy przywódca grupy Pogardza tymi kt?. Also could be called How an Interesting Book about Youth Counter Culture Became a Cheesy Thriller I don t have the typical complaints about Londonstani I m actually okay with the rudeboy slang I think the novel would not be nearly as convincing if Malkani wrote it in proper english In fact I give him credit that he did his research I once went to a reading by him and he definitely does not talk in rudeboy and had the patience and endurance to write most of his novel in slang Also once you get the rhythm of it you won t even need to use the glossary in the back too muchNo I don t mind the langauge at all in fact even though the end of this book seriously disappointed me I ll still give it four stars Reason being 80% of this book is really GOOD Intriguing and for real and a interesting social commentary for certain The other 20% Turns into a lurid thriller with a twist for the sake of a twist Oh Gautam how I wish you would have stopped before you lost your completely engrossed to that point reader I would have gladly given you 5 stars

Summary LondonstaniLondonstani

Londonstani characters Á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Kim miłość do muzułmanki Samiry która z pewnością nie zostałaby zaakceptowana przez kolegów Po publikacji Londonistanu Malkani został okrzyknięty pisarzem posiadającym bezbłędny słuch literacki Szokujące lingwistyczne eksperymenty i realistyczny sposób ukazania życia ulicznego gangu może przywodzić na myśl Mechaniczną pomarańczę Malkani jednak w przeciwieństwie do Anthony'ego Burgessa nie tworzy sztucznego języka lecz potrafi doskonale przekładać młodzieżowy slang mowę ulicy oraz hiphopowe teksty na znakomitą literaturę. Although normally I hate dialect I love London slang innit This book was great Fun and exciting I enjoyed learning all about Desi culture while traveling through India

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Londonstani characters Á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ?rzy upodabniają się do białych Nazywa ich kokosiakami bo zupełnie tak jak orzech kokosowy na zewnątrz są brązowi wewnątrz zaś biali Ravi i Amit to Hindusi Pierwszy jest całkowicie podporządkowany grupie drugi – poza życiem gangu – ma na głowie rodzinne niesnaski związane ze ślubem brata Jas ostatni z całej czwórki do niedawna sam jeszcze zaliczał się do kokosiaków Teraz pragnie zerwać ze swą niechlubną przeszłością zapomnieć czego nauczył się w angielskiej szkole Na przeszkodzie stanie jednak wiele rzeczy Przede wszyst. This debut novel by financial journalist Malkani is well worth reading and deserves much respect for its brilliant recreation of a particular form of urban patois Set in Hounslow in West London adjacent to Heathrow Airport it revolves around four South Asian teenagers who style themselves as hard rudeboys Or rather three rudeboys and one new hanger on who narrates the tale The story or less concern the antics of the foursome as they cruise around the hood posing in their flash cars actually belonging to their parents acting tough while skiving off from studying for examination retakes Eventually a cell phone scam they run brings them into contact with a wealthy playboy from their hood who brings them in on a much profitable scam and in touch with the high lifeAll of this is fairly interesting but mainly a backdrop for a larger and often uite funny exploration of immigrant assimilation cultural authenticity racism class and youth culture A good portion of the book involves how these British born and bred teens negotiate their identities On the street they are self styled hoods while at home they are obedient deferential children In contrast to their immigrant parents who kept a low profile in order to assimilate these boys demonstrate their unwillingness to assimilate by maintaining a high profile Similarly they blend a variety of South Asian cultural attitudes and styles with that of American and British black culture This is all teased out in the interactions of the boys as well as a subplot involving the arranged marriage of one of the boys older brothers and another subplot involving a sexy Muslim girl The material could easily become didactic or dry in the wrong hands but in Malkani s rendering it comes alive through the freshest fizziest dialogue since Trainspotting And like that book the combination of Punjabi Black British and Text Message slang might intimidate some readers especially older ones at first after about ten pages most will be comfortable with it rhythmsWhat keeps the book from being truly excellent is the problem of what the narrator is doing hanging out with the other three He s clearly been a bit of a nerd or non entity his whole life and just why these status obsessed rudeboys would or less adopt him is never satisfactorily explained While it does make sense that you would have an outsider or newcomer narrate this story so that they can explain everything that s self evident to the other main characters and present an opposing viewpoint the dissonance between him and the others never goes away There s also a gotcha twist at the end that adds nothing and only raises further uestions of plausibility Nonetheless the book is an entertaining and thought provoking fictional look at a particular subculture that anyone with an interest in modern Britain should check out