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  • Hardcover
  • 319
  • Porch Lights
  • Dorothea Benton Frank
  • English
  • 18 February 2020
  • 9780061961298

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Porch Lights Free read ñ 104 Chocolate grasslands and dazzling red orange and magenta evening skies; the heady pungency of Lowcountry Pluff mud and fresh seafood on the grill; bare toes snuggled in warm sand and palmetto fronds swaying in gentle ocean windsAwaiting them is Annie Britt the family matriarch who has kept the porch lights on to welcome them home Thrilled to have her family back again Annie promises to make their visit perfect even though relations be Unlike others I thought this book was terrible I rated it 1 star but if I could I would have rated it a half starThe story line is so unbelievable that I had a hard time getting through the book I kept thinking it would get better WRONGHer husband dies a horrid death and 2 months later she s falling for the handsome Dr next door to her parents home If she was so devastated I would think it would take longer than a couple of months to get beyond that grief Less than 9 months later she s engaged And her 1

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Porch Lights Free read ñ 104 Tween mother and daughter have never been what you'd call smooth Over the years Jackie and Annie like all mothers and daughters have been known to have freuent and notorious differences of opinion But her estranged and wise husband Buster and her flamboyant and funny best friend Deb are sure to keep Annie in line She's also got Steven Plofker the flirtatious and devilishly tasty widowed physician next door to keep her distracted as well I went into this book wanting to love it but it just fell terribly flat for meJackie a nurse serving in Afghanistan is home for good now after her firefighting husband died tragically She has a ten year old son she needs to take care ofShe drives down to the island where her parents live even though they re separated to get away for the summer and catch her breath She and her son Charlie stay with her mother who can be a bit much at times but Jackie needs the closeness of family as she traverses the roug

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Porch Lights Free read ñ 104 When Jimmy McMullen a fireman with the NYFD is killed in the line of duty his wife Jackie and ten year old son Charlie are devastated Charlie idolized his dad and now the outgoing curious boy has become uiet and reserved Trusting in the healing power of family Jackie decides to return to her childhood home on Sullivans IslandCrossing the bridge from the mainland Jackie and Charlie enter a world full of wonder and magic lush green and Really wanted to love it but I did not I am sure I am in a minority around here Dorothea Benton Frank is a local hero But this booked dragged on and on I found the dialogue between the characters to be ridiculous I have been here a long time as has my family for many generations I have yet to hear a single low country person or Charleston native every speak in the way these people spoke It was so silly they all sounded like they were in some really bad highschool play I was embarrassed that they were portr