La Mort des neiges (New)

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  • La Mort des neiges
  • Brigitte Aubert
  • Portuguese
  • 01 March 2018
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READ ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Brigitte Aubert Brigitte Aubert É 0 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD La Mort des neiges · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook RR Elise has had another operation and she can now move one arm but she is still unable to communicate except to write down her thoughts and her uestions for others if only they'll take the time to read them Before leaving Elise receives a fax from somebody who tells her he has become a big fan of hers after reading about her first adventure She is concerned because the guy sounds like a lunatic but she reasons all famous people are subject to hearing from people several sandwiches short of a picnic However when Elise arrives at the resort she hears about a series of grisly murders and when she is inv. Ich war von dem ersten Buch richtig begeistert und hab mir endlich das zweite Buch rund um Elise Andrioli vorgenommen Sie kann weder sprechen noch sehen und ist an den Rollstuhl gebunden Nur einen Arm kann sie nutzen um sich per Notizbuch mitzuteilenDer Anfang war auch spannend der trockene und manchmal b se Humor den der Leser ber Elises Gedanken mitbekommt hat mich gut am siert Auch die Morde und die vielen verschiedenen Charaktere hielten mich bei Laune doch die ca letzten 60 Seiten waren eine reine Katastrophe Es wird links und rechts nur noch vergewaltigt gepr gelt und gemordet Die Aufl sung wirkt derart gezwungen Meta dass ich mich einfach nur noch ge rgert habe Echt entt uschend f r mich

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READ ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Brigitte Aubert Brigitte Aubert É 0 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD La Mort des neiges · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Penzler Pick May 2001 One of the most original sleuths in mystery fiction is Elise Andrioli who was introduced in Death from the Woods Left a uadriplegic blind and mute after a bomb explosion Elise spends her days confined to her wheelchair and listening to the world around her We are privy to what she hears and what she thinks and surprisingly the results are never pitiful Rather we are able to listen in to a witty charming and strong woman whose will is as strong as ever After her first adventure described in the first book Elise and her maid and companion Yvette are headed for the mountains for some. Brigette Aubert is a hugely successful mysterythriller writer in her native France Someone else will have to tell me if irony is a national characteristic there but Aubert uses a great deal of irony in her writing The grisly her murders become the sillier the comments from her characters and the over the top their hysteria But however ironic the author becomes she cannot hide her prodigious intelligence and enormous empathy which allows her to inhabit the life conditions of paraplegics and disabled folks of any stripe as she does in this novel It is uite a performance a challenge I wish other authors would take on oftenI am not suggesting Aubert always gets entirely correct the conditions in which these individuals operate nor their state of mind But she puts enough of the conditions of their existence before us that we cannot avoid considering their lives Instead of this novel being a grim reminder of how circumscribed any of our lives might have been Aubert makes fun of Poirot explicitly mentioned at least once and the British mystery dames Agatha Christie especially The threatening circumstances appear to devolve into silliness by the end though Aubert does take some care to highlight the individual talents of each of the residents of this home for the disabledElise Andrioli is the narrator of this mystery and an earlier one called Death from the Woods the story of which she s sold to a mystery writer making her famous for her role in solving that mystery Some years previously Elise was the victim of a bombing in Ireland and has lost the use of her limbs her sight and her voice with one exception limited use of one arm has come back Despite these handicaps Elise managed to help detectives solve a murder mystery in her small town and became something of a celebrity around the country Though she did not seek another murder to unravel she was targeted for just that reason In this mystery she is taking in the mountain air at her uncle s chalet one winter when someone comes stalking herThe mystery itself is probably the least interesting thing about this novel given that even the author seems to have some disdain for making sure the threads make sense and do not have loose ends The most interesting thing about this novel in which the police do not seem entirely competent and there is altogether too much irrelevant discussion by uninvolved spectators is that we consider the difference between mentally impaired and physically disabled We run through our minds the different ways one can be disabled and consider non sight from birth vs non sighted due to accident or illness the extent and diversity of one s education and development of other senses as compensation for some impairment in one or senses We actually consider that someone with a physical impairment in a home for those with disabilities might be murdererAubert s presentation of Elise is nothing short of remarkable As a result of her success solving the earlier case from the Woods she has a boyfriend Tony who travels a great deal for the Merchant Marine Elise herself is physically attractive but we are not privy to her sexual gratifications if any She has a caregiver Yvette who is completely at home in her role and speaks to Elise naturally as though she weren t blind and mute Yvette can show her piue and be sarcastic at times which is generally how one would expect a person to act whose job is 24 hour care Elise has an uncle who admires her for carrying on so well in spite of her challenges He offers to have Elise and Yvette travel to his place in the mountains while he is overseas on businessview spoilerDespite this great set up the author chose to end this line of mystery writing to kill it off as it were by ending it all in a chaotic bloodbath ultimately killing off twenty characters by the end so many I couldn t keep track of who was who I could sense the author s heart wasn t in it in finishing the novel in the normal way so was ready to give it all up around the 200 pg mark She went on forty pages after that but I d given up The author had started exhibiting some of the psychosis she was labeling her characters with It just didn t end well But Aubert was willing to carry it all on past the first book which was really a game effort hide spoiler

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READ ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Brigitte Aubert Brigitte Aubert É 0 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD La Mort des neiges · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ited to visit a home for the handicapped she is treated like a star But the murders continue there Worse the murderer is there among the patients whispering messages into Elise's ear As in Death from the Woods the stage is set Elise is in danger but can't explain why and the murderer inexplicably is using her as hisher confidante Those around her who can see are in the company of the murderer but there is no way Elise can separate the voices from the whispers she hears Death from the Snows is harrowing suspenseful and thanks to Elise's uniue voice which can only be read extraordinarily funny Otto Penzl. Noir c est noir L auteur a le chic pour trifouiller dans les travers les plus monstrueux de l esp ce humaine Je ne suis pas un grand fan de ce type de litt rature mais j avoue u il y a l un vrai talent pour nous entrainer sur ces pentes de l horreur Pratiuement insoutenable Ame sensible s abstenir