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  • Hardcover
  • 544
  • Dead to Me
  • Lesley Pearse
  • en
  • 10 March 2018
  • 9780718181208

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Read & Download Dead to Me Lesley Pearse î 8 Read Free read Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Lesley Pearse N their fortunes are shockingly reversed it is the strength of their friendship that keeps them resilient to the challenges and hardships they faceAs Britain prepares for war Ruby finds herself in Devon with the world at her feet and enjoying her first taste of romance Meanwhile hundreds of miles away Verity is forced to leave behind everything she has ever. I must admit I am one of Lesley Pearse s biggest fans I have read all of her books and have not been disappointed with any of themThis starts with a chance meeting of two girls who come from very different backgrounds Verity is from a sophisticated rich family whereas Ruby comes from the slums Tho their backgrounds are different they become close friendsWe find out that Verity has not had an easy life either Her stepfather has embezzled his works company and leaves Verity and her mother to rely on her Aunt Hazel for a roof over their headsRuby s mother is a prostitute and most of the timeRuby has to fend for herself which leads her to the care of Wilby who takes in children who have committed petty crimesThis book is a roller coaster of love hate brutality but most of all how friends very best friends will go to any lengths to support each other even if they have fallen out for a period of timeI would like to thank Net Galley Penguin UK Michael Joseph and the author Lesley Pearse for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Read & Download Dead to Me Lesley Pearse î 8 Read Free read Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Lesley Pearse Spring 1935 Two girls meet by chance on Hampstead Heath To an outsider they could not appear different Verity is well mannered and smartly dressed living with her parents in a beautiful house close to the heath Ruby is dishevelled and grubby used to a life of sualor where she is forced to steal to survive Yet there's an instant affinity between them and whe. Find meBlog Instagram You ve heard the saying you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good and other such clichesWell that s what springs to mind with me reading this book by one of my favourite authors Lesley PearseIt s not just the war experiences and this audio book making it so real it s the characters involvedFriends Friends who you would think as the most unlikely of friends yet not They are so different yet the sameBoth undergoing or had undergone really physical and emotional life journeys CruelThere s romance in here There s reality real life contexts that most will understandIt s an emotional rollercoasterI ve been so engrossed in this story I ve been wearing my headphones all around the house so antisocial But that s the beauty of audio books right You don t have to put them down to go off and do something elseI just loved making friends with the people in this book The main characters some I wanted to hug some I wanted to make a nice cup of tea sit and natter with And two I wanted to be a mum toThe reality of the war was surrounding the story but the girls and what their personal life events were very much as paramountAbsolutely loved it How your younger treatment can harm your future if you don t deal with itNever wanted this to end

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Read & Download Dead to Me Lesley Pearse î 8 Read Free read Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Lesley Pearse Known and a shadow from the past threatens her chances of a new beginning But through it all the girls are always there for each otherUntil the day Verity does the one thing that will break Ruby's heart In a country torn apart by fighting will Verity and Ruby survive long enough to find a way back to each other Or do some betrayals go with you to the grave. This book was an intense and stressful read and I was disappointed that although it was a fairly long book you didn t really feel that you knew the characters by the end I think this was the result of a tell style of writing rather than show The story was pretty convoluted and some sections felt contrived