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  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • Doctor Who The Shining Man
  • Cavan Scott
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9781785942686

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Doctor Who The Shining Man Summary ¾ 104 G Shining brightOf course it’s a hoax It has to be right It started as a joke a prank for Halloween Then it went viral Idiots dressing up as monsters Giving folk a scare Silly masks and fright wigs No one gets hurt Because bogeymen aren’t realUntil people start going missing and lights burn in the darkness. I liked this book Some bits were a bit confusing and others were a bit predictable but all in all a very good Doctor Who tie in novel There were a couple spelling and grammar mistakes that could have been fixed but I think this novel finds itself at position 2 of 3 of the rankings of this trilogy of Doctor Who novels Both the Doctor and Bill were well characterised and for only having episodes 1 3 when writing these books the authors of all three have done extremely well with Bill even if Cavan Scott solved that issue by focussing so on the Doctor than on Bill but hey its called Doctor Who for a reason right the plot was fairly strange and what s new there for Doctor Who with Fairies though I do prefer Torchwood s version of fairies unless I missed something and they were the same ones But I don t think so and Boggarts in a world running along side ours and a tree that was cut downAll in all a good book

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Doctor Who The Shining Man Summary ¾ 104 “Being scared is the least of your worries”The Shining Men are everywhere You spot them out of the corner of your eye Abnormally tall with long lank hair blank faces and blazing eyes If they catch you they’ll drag you away to who knows where No one is safe They’re on every street corner Waiting Watchin. Actual rating is 45 starsThis book is based on the television show and this book features the Twelfth Doctor with Bill as his companion In this one they are in our regular timeline In our timeline there is a new phenomenon where The Shining Man will appear in the corner of your eye This also incites people to reenact this craze into spooking peopleGoing into this book I was skeptical as I thought it was going to be a rip off of The Silence It uickly won me over as I realized it was portraying the killer clown craze that happened several years ago This book even hints at it to let you know what it is doing I was also a little skeptical because of the characters that were featured These two were not my favorite team up But this book once again swayed my opinion and I loved them in this book The portrayal of The Doctor was perfect and Bill was a little generic but it worked The adventure starts off like any other adventure in this universe Then it goes in a direction that I never would have anticipated and I loved it as it uickly delves into fairies I enjoyed this direction as they depicted them as monsters and not as cute little creaturesI have read many books from this universe and this one is easily in my top five It captured the essence of the show It contained a little horror with the comedy aspect and most importantly the charm of the show that fans have come to expect from this universe

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Doctor Who The Shining Man Summary ¾ 104 Burning like eyesBut help is on its way in the form of a strange man called the Doctor and his friend Bill The Doctor will keep us safe The Doctor will stop the monsters Unless the monsters stop the Doctor first An original novel featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill as played by Peter Capaldi and Pearl Macki. well what do you know I enjoyed this one too That makes two out of the most recent trio of Twelfth Doctor novels that I ve read and two I ve enjoyedI don t really know why I m giving this four stars when I gave Diamond Dogs five Maybe because well to say it would be to spoil it best not look at tags but I guess I m just a little bit into space and aliens in my Doctor Who than what this book offered up But that said yeah it was a great fast read again with decent characterisation for Bill who again doesn t get nearly as much to do as the Doctor does but a she doesn t actually feel side lined and b when we have so little Twelve left and when there s been so little to start with I m really not going to complain about getting relatively of the Doctor than the brand new companion YMMVGah I love this Twelve Smug arrogant clever compassionate courageous wonderful