[Městečko kde se zastavil čas] E–pub ☆ Bohumil Hrabal

  • Paperback
  • 302
  • Městečko kde se zastavil čas
  • Bohumil Hrabal
  • English
  • 18 January 2020
  • 9781590178409

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Summary ë Městečko kde se zastavil čas µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Bohumil Hrabal Ý 0 characters Small country town and it relates the scandalizing escapades of Maryška the flamboyant wife of Francin who manages the local brewery Maryška drinks She rides a bicycle letting her long hair fly She butchers pigs frolics in blood and. There s something about Maryska Can I say that She s couettish free spirited adventurous vivacious mischievous and rambunctious Why haven t I met her beforeAnyway I really like this book It s uirky funny irreverent ribald slapstick and absurd Why haven t I read this beforeIt consists of two stories The stories revolve around a small family in a small Czech town before World War II Maryska is married to Fracin who manages the local brewery and could not be polarized from her in terms of personality He is far straitlaced and conservative Yet they make a close couple Thrown into the mix is the even rambunctious eccentric jovial outspoken happy go lucky Uncle Pepin Fracin s brother He s even bizarrely given a Scottish accentThe first story is Cutting It Short and is told from Maryska s point of view She stumbles from one misadventure to the next At the end she takes a radical step of raising her hemline above the knees as well as cutting her hair short It s a sign of the times of modernization and of changing fashions Francin rejects this change and gives her bottom an old fashioned spankingThe second story is The Little Town Where Time Stood Still and is told by Francin and Maryska s son The misadventures continue and involve different family members The hijinks come to an abrupt end with World War II Yet the impact we see the impact on the family is minimal Uncle Pepin even becomes a hero of sorts with his defiance of the Germans Then comes the ominous communist takeover and it was heart breaking to see the family lose almost everything It was enough to crush Uncle Pepin s spirit something which even the Germans could not do turning him into a shadow of his former self In contrast to the changing times in the first story time now stood still for this townThe book was great fun Most of it was hilarious and frivolous Yet it ended on a serious thought provoking note Now I m curious about Czech literature

Summary Městečko kde se zastavil čas

Městečko kde se zastavil čas

Summary ë Městečko kde se zastavil čas µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Bohumil Hrabal Ý 0 characters Leads on the local butcher She’s a Madame Bovary without apologies driven to keep up with the new fast paced mechanized modern world that is obliterating whatever sleepy pieties are left over from the defunct Austro Hungarian Empire ?. I can t for the life of me understand why the translator gave Uncle Pepin a Scottish accentAside from that pretty good

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Summary ë Městečko kde se zastavil čas µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Bohumil Hrabal Ý 0 characters The Little Town Where Time Stood Still contains two linked narratives by the incomparable Bohumil Hrabal whom Milan Kundera has described as “Czechoslovakia’s greatest writer” “Cutting It Short” is set before World War II in a. There are chapters texturally without breaks and run on sentences and shifting points of view and digressions which I do not offer as a complaint but maybe as an excuse should this review appear choppy There are two novellas in this edition and they certainly go together as they are drawn in the same sleepy town with the same cast of characters and the second one picks up eight years after the first one ends CUTTING IT SHORT I had just read Madame Bovary and the epigram at the front of this book is La Bovary c est moi GUSTAVE FLAUBERT And the condensed What sItAbout on the back cover of the book says that Mary ka the narrator is a Madame Bovary without apologies driven to keep up with the new fast paced mechanized modern world that is obliterating whatever sleepy pieties are left over from the defunct Austro Hungarian Empire And those that write suibs for the back of books are at least as smart as those who run the governmentSo I m probably wrong but I didn t get the comparison Emma is an adulteress but cold blooded and calculating Mary ka is probably not an adulteress but a spontaneous hot blooded flirt Both women are married to respected professional husbands But Emma s Charles a doctor is a clueless cuckold Francin a brewery manager sees Mary ka making sausages with the butcher and then husking corn in the fall and there again a decent woman just doesn t scrub corn on the cob uite like that and if she does well not with such a great laughter and flaming eyes as mine if some male stranger were to see this he might see in my hands scrubbing that corn on the cob some sort of sign favourable to his hankerings and there being nothing he could do to stop such a spirit he would take a sledge and demolish a shed He demolished a lot of shedsThe original title of this novella in Czech was Post i iny which the nyrb Introduction teaches is a word referring to the Slavic and also Jewish tradition of ritualizing a child s first haircut I like that better But there are lots of things cut short here a dog s tail table legs Mrs Kr senka s nose and yes eventually Mary ka s hair Mary ka had very long hair to her feet I think And now that I bring it up Hrabal uses Mary ka s hair as a character much as Flaubert used Emma s skirt No one loved Mary ka s hair as much as Francin even if we know it s all symbolism for the old ways and the advance of modernityApparently there was a 1980 movie based on this novella I hadn t seen it Here s a link of a 2 minute and 11 second clip from it but let me forewarn that there is a spanking scene within that may seem abusive I offer this so you can get some sense of the bawdiness of the story but also for another reason for those that have read and re read Madame Bovary and know the minutiae so well Look again at this brief clip Watch when the camera takes a long shot of the suare Then ask yourself if this isn t like Madame Bovary then what the hell is Hippolyte doing there THE LITTLE TOWN WHERE TIME STOOD STILL The story continues eight years later but the narrator has changed Now the son of Mary ka and Francin tells the story beginning with an opening vignette about how he got a tattoo on his chest but you can see it coming not the one he paid for He recedes as a character after that and there s less of Mary ka sadly although he says I wanted my mum to be just like the other boys mums motherly maternal but my mum was still a young lady This after a rather public display of dancing that led Francin to say a decent woman oughtn t to dance in such positions The focus turns to Francin and his brother Uncle Pepin For you can not have a novel of digressions except that you have an uncle in it right TobyA different kind of modernity comes to town Communism taking over the brewery Francin who has always been a kind boss does not understand why he must be terminated The workers explain the irony because he was always so kind it took them longer to take over the brewery Dad s lamentation rose to heaven but I knew that the Lord God didn t actually love the truth so much in fact he loved madmen crazy exalted enthusiasts people like my Uncle Pepin the Lord God loved to hear untruth reiterated in faith he adored the exalted lie than the dry unadorned truth So you know maybe there s still relevance