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  • The Story of You
  • Julie Myerson
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  • 14 February 2020
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The Story of You Summary Ë 4 Out of the blue two days later does he write as though they haven't met for twenty years The Story of You is an account of a woman trying to get by as a mother a wife while falling in love with a man from a memory As always Julie Myerson maps the vagaries of the human heart with extraordinary empathy and precision while at the same time keeping the reader in breathless suspense and on the edge of tea. From the opening line I was entranced by this book It evoked powerful feelings of a long ago love that never really came to fruition all tangled up with current feelings of loss over a different kind of love that between mother and childIts hard to find words for how this book affected me I found it difficult to pick up another book following this one for in it I feel Julie Myerson reached deep into the soul of her central character RosyNic providing a complex portrait with so many layers and texturesOne of the very interesting aspects it explores is of how loss of a child can affect a couple in such a way that they are pushed apart both struggling in their own personal ways with a huge grief In reconnecting with you Rosy is able to find and express parts of herself she cannot seem to in her relationship with her husband and yet in the end that relationship brings her back in touch with her love for her husbandI highly recommend this book

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The Story of You Summary Ë 4 Her to Paris to forget about things to start again It has snowed in the night and waking at dawn Rosy decides to go for a walk At the hotel desk there's a note for her 'I'm waiting for you X' And he is sitting in the corner of a cafe as she enters almost at random They talk He touches her She turns away and when she looks again he is gone Was he there Had she dreamed him And why when he e mails her. This was not my kind of book really It started off promisingly written in the second person you which caught my attention as it s such an unusual way to write As the story went on though this began to grate and the writing felt a little too pleased with itself exacerbated by the lack of speech marks throughout the novel I also just didn t buy the premise on which the whole story hung the encounter Rosy has during university with a boy didn t feel powerful enough to merit what comes twenty years later The one thing I did feel that Myserson handled masterfully was the slow tragic unfolding of the death of the two year old daughter s death Heart wrenching really

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The Story of You Summary Ë 4 This book begins with snow the story of you It is a freezing room in a student house a sagging mattress on the floor and two people one nineteen the other twenty kissing passionately all night It is to this scene that twenty years later Rosy the narrator of Julie Myerson's astonishing new novel returns obsessively She has just lost a child in a terrible careless accident and Tom her partner has taken. Myerson s prose is almost poetic and I found myself entranced from the very first paragraph The story is beautifully written as Myerson weaves together memories of an encounter many years ago with the story of todayRosy the central character and the voice of the novel is battling to keep her family life on track following the tragic death of her youngest daughter When her husband takes her away to Paris she takes a walk in the snow at the crack of dawn and meets a man who was once the boy she spent the night with than twenty years ago on that memorable night that continues to haunt herWhen she returns home she strikes up an email conversation with the man who behaves as though they haven t seen each other for twenty yearsMyerson weaves the past and the present together in such a way that the true account of her daughter s tragic death isn t made clear until than half way through the novel The relationship she has with Tom her almost husband is a stark contrast to the affair she strikes up with you the man who understands her in a way no one else ever has and whose name the reader never learnsI couldn t put this book down as I wanted to know about the events of the past and whether Rosy s lover really existed I wondered whether he was real a figment of her imagination a ghost or even an hallucinationThe Story of You took my breath away made my heart ache and made me think about the preciousness of love relationships and the simple gestures and understandings that draw people togetherIt s been almost three days since I finished reading the book and I still find myself thinking about it which is why I ve decided to award The Story of You by Julie Myerson the elusive 6 star rating at Blue Archipelago Reviews