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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M Butterfly SUMMARY ´ GRUPOSIAM.CO ´ David Henry Hwang SUMMARY M Butterfly Aptive by the French government and by his own illusions He recalls a time when Song Liling the beautiful Chinese diva touched him with a love as vivid as seductive and as elusive as a butterflyHow could he have known that his true love was in fact a spy for the Chinese government and a man disguised as a woman The diplomat relives the twenty year affair from the temptation to the seduction from its consummation to the scandal that ultimately consumed them both M Butterfly is one of the most compelling explosive and slyly humorous dramas ever to lig. Song Liling Under the robes beneath everything it was always me Tell me you adore meRene Gallimard How could you who understood me so well make such a mistake You ve shown me your true self and what I love was the lie perfect lie that s been destroyedSong Liling You never really loved meRene Gallimard I m a man who loved a woman created by a man Anything else simply falls short A and I made it to the Guthrie s 2010 production of M Butterfly just one day before it closed and I m so glad we did I always had the feeling that I didn t need to see the play since I d already seen and liked the 1993 film version with Willem Defoe But as Robert McKee rightly argues it s a valuable experience to compare plays that have been adapted into films Compared to the film Hwang s play goes much further to make expansive and even pedantic statements about the Orientalism so effectively encapsulated in the story of Madame Butterfly the tragic story of beautiful Oriental who falls for a Western man Rene Gallimard You made me see the beauty of the story of her death It s it s pure sacrifice He s not worthy of it but what can she do She loves him so much It s very beautifulSong Liling Well yes to a WesternerRene Gallimard I beg your pardonSong Liling It s one of your favorite fantasies isn t it The submissive Oriental woman and the cruel white man In an example of the expansiveness I mentioned our protagonist here the Frenchman Gallimard has an extra extra marital affair with a Swedish chick he meets at a party After they have sex she gets a big scene in which she theorizes that male aggression is all a matter of not being able to settle who has the biggest penis Her monologue is truly funny though at the same time vaguely reminiscent of conversations from undergraduate classes on war and colonialism Most importantly it s largely a step outside the central plot of the story so of course in any movie adaptation it would most likely have to be cutThe play production is also expansive in terms of Hwang s techniue of very fast scene changes characters delivering dialogue in multiple scenes at the same time and exposition in the play simultaneous to performances of the play within the play the opera Madame Butterfly In the Guthrie production scenes from the opera are briefly re enacted on a small stage above the main floor of the Wurtele thrust The effect of the much powerful sounds of the opera scenes with the players in the drama looking at the opera as we look at them looking at the opera is a really classic meta moment in a dramatic story all geared towards revealing the way we each of us take up romantic fantasies through the art we love Madame Butterfly may not be politically correct but to think kids these days are subbing in television and video games can remind us that opera is not so bad The effect of oh my gosh we all do that sort of thing is palpable in the play version at least when it is directed properly The great amount of space commanded by the Wurtele Thrust is no doubt a big help as well As Hwang tells us this story is much than a condemnation of Orientalism Song Liling is a tragic figure as well a cynical manipulator of Orientalism who comes up with his own fantasy of inverting the Butterfly role and taking up the role of Pinkerton the selfish and unfaithful Western lover with his Armani suit and implication of big penis But Gallimard manages to get back at Liling one last time by denying Liling this final advantage Gallimard sticks truer to operatic tragic figure than Liling expected he only loves an ideal and realizing the impossibility of the ideal is committed to destruction So goes what just has to be the flagship example of postcolonial tragic drama Geez what play beat this one in the 1988 Pulitzer awards

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M Butterfly SUMMARY ´ GRUPOSIAM.CO ´ David Henry Hwang SUMMARY M Butterfly Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and soon to be back on Broadway in a revival directed by the Lion King's Julie Taymor starring Clive Owen A brilliant play of ideas a visionary work that bridges the history and culture of two worlds Frank Rich New York TimesBased on a true story that stunned the world and inspired by Giacomo Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly M Butterfly was an immediate sensation when it premiered in 1988 It opens in the cramped prison cell where diplomat Rene Gallimard is being held c. EDIT I m watching Watchmen right now and every time I see Jeremy Iron s face I am reminded of how much i dislike the movie version of this this is not a tragic love story it s a commentary on imperialism and gendered racism don t watch the movie it s fine but you will not understand why this play is so good Since I ve emphasized that I am physically incapable of conveying how obsessed I am with this play This little play was based off a true incident in which a French diplomat fell in love with a Chinese woman only to discover that his love was a man spying on him all along something the diplomat insisted he did not know The public of course reacted in disbelief But when David Henry Hwang heard this story in the 1980s his reaction was not of disbelief but of belief if the spy were playing the submissive Asian woman how could she not fool him Song performs the version of submissive Asian womanhood Gallimard finds most appealing Song tells us that The West thinks of itself as masculine so the East is feminine her mouth says no but her eyes say yes The West believes the East deep down wants to be dominated This is the lens by which she caters performance at times outspoken but always loving the white Western man But the burden of this performance does not fall primarily on Song Gallimard has grown up in a society where he has been taught to view Butterfly through a prism thus he does not think to uestion whether or not she genuinely fits the image she projects Gallimard in every moment sees himself as Pinkerton and Song as Butterfly This is the lens with which he loves her This is also incidentally the reason I heavily disliked the movie adaptation of this play To make Song a person in love with Gallimard fails the text Song could be in love with Gallimard but that is not the point and not the tragedy To make Gallimard so easily believe the reveal that Song is not who she says she is fails the text as well Gallimard has never loved Song only ever the idea of Song Most of the changes in narrative come from removing the fourth wall breaks and making the entire play diegetic taking place in real life rather than fantasy These are each misguided and bad choices I have a lot to say about this my final paper in a class this semester was about this play but I am going to end this review with a compilation of uotes from this show that made me go absolutely buckwildRene While we men may all want to kick Pinkerton very few of us would pass up the opportunity to be Pinkerton Rene Yes actually I ve forgotten everything My mind you see there wasn t enough room in this hard head not for the world and for you Song Rene I ve never done what you ve said Why should it be any different in your mindSong Your mouth says no but your eyes say yes Rene You showed me your true self When all I loved was the lie Rene I m a man who loved a woman created by a man Everything else simply falls short Blog Twitter Instagram Spotify Youtube About

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M Butterfly SUMMARY ´ GRUPOSIAM.CO ´ David Henry Hwang SUMMARY M Butterfly Ht the Broadway stage a work of unrivaled brilliance illuminating the conflict between men and women the differences between East and West racial stereotypes and the shadows we cast around our most cherished illusionsThe original cast included John Lithgow as Gallimard and BD Wong as Song Liling During the show's 777 performance run David Dukes Anthony Hopkins Tony Randall and John Rubinstein were also cast as Gallimard Hwang adapted the play for a 1993 film directed by David Cronenberg starring Jeremy Irons and John LoneTEXT OF THE BROADWAY REVIVAL. It is hard to believe that this play was first performed 31 years agoM Butterfly remains an amazing play I read it years ago together with Edward Said s book and yet this play s ending still managed to surprise me anew